Tsetse Flies Takeover Kaabong District

Swarms of Tsetse flies have taken over water sources in Kaabong district.


The most affected water sources are Lobalangit, Lolelia, Kawalokol, Kapedo and Sidok sub counties all found in the Eastern belt of Kaabong district.

Joseph Komol, the Kaboong LC V chairperson says the fresh invasion of the Tsetse flies saysthe insects have shifted now from the dry areas to fence off water sources.

He says this is a clear indication that the war against the deadly insects that cause Nagana in livestock and sleeping sickness in humans is far from over.

According to Komol herders are now finding it hard to water their animals adding that, livestock such as cows and goats also facing the wrath of the insect in the course of drinking water.

Damiano Engole, the Lolelia Sub County chief one of the most affected areas says the insects have caused a lot of misery to the community.

He explains that people cannot even access water sources due to the congestion of the insects around them.

He appeals to the government to find urgent means of fighting the tsetse flies before disaster strikes.

Dr. Branda Logwe, the Veterinary Officer Kaabong district admits that five Sub Counties are experiencing a burden of tsetse flies with several people likely to be affected by sleeping sickness.

He explains that a team from the ministry of agriculture, animals and fisheries was in the district in September last year to map the area but has never brought back the results.

He attributes the fast spread of the tsetse flies in the district to the free movement of wildlife in the district.

Late last year, government secured a loan worth 19 million dollars (Shs 475 billion) from the Arab Bank for Economic Development to help eradicate tsetse flies.

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