Two Ugandans Buried Alive In Juba

Two Ugandans were killed in the South Sudan capital Juba on Tuesday this week after a pit latrine they were digging caved in and buried them.

Diging a pit latrine on soft soil is very dangerous
Digging a pit latrine on soft soil is very dangerous

Arumadri Candia, a survivor of the incident identified the deceased as Jimmy Oloya and Samson Ochan, both natives of Nebbi district.

Candia said  that on the fateful day they were contracted by a South Sudan businessman to sink a 35 feet pit latrine. He said that they embarked on the job and all appeared to being going well until they reached 28 feet and hit soft soil.

Candia said that  he asked his colleagues to stop digging because  their lives were at risk but they ignored his pleas and continued with their work until the pit latrine caved in and buried them.

The South Sudan businessman he only identifies as Deng has accepted to transport the bodies of the victims to Uganda for burial.

Efforts by our reporter to speak to the relatives of the deceased were futile as he couldn’t establish contact with their families.

8 thoughts on “Two Ugandans Buried Alive In Juba

  1. But surely one leaves Uganda to go Sudan to dig pit latrines yet even here in Uganda such jobs are in plenty!! What happens to relatives and friends of the dead, no compensation, transport……

    1. I disagree with you Martin with your comment, death has no escape whether in Uganda or any where in this world. May be S.U are paying well not like here that you may work and don’t even pay you. How many Ugandans are washing plates in foreign countries or do domestic work in other countries, you mean those jobs are not here? people need better pay and a must pay. lest have kind words for the deceased. May their souls rest in peace

      1. miriam. i agree with u death is everywhere and its so sad for the life lost..many Ugandans are ignorant about employment opportunities abroad and have a belief that any employment outside Uganda is well paying which is not true.odd jobs is Uganda are better than those abroad because humanity considerations and other factors.what we need to do is to sensitize our people to be creative mostly the youth who go for boda boda riding earn 8000 and leave what they call dirty jods but better paying.other wise lets pray for those abroad in such bad sttuation

    2. Just like one leaves Uganda to go abroad to
      1- Baby sit children
      2- Wash or clean toilets
      4-Clean homes for middle class citizens etc.
      Are they not plenty jobs in Uganda too..? The difference is in Payments earned.

  2. Ugandan people are dying in South Sudan including soldiers who hired by my President to help him to fight rebel.

  3. What is the Government view on the incident, and what are the procedures taken to a businessman who had contracted them?

  4. You my dear, south Sudan is a homeland to Ugandan people because, when they are staying here the feel like staying in Uganda of which you should not consider that if the dug latrine here is a shame. you have to mind that when you are near the family you can’t save enough much then you out of your home.

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