Amama Faults Police For Blocking Opposition Meetings

PM Amama Mbabazi.
PM Amama Mbabazi.

Uganda’s Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi has told parliament that the county is now a fully democratic nation where all Ugandans have the right of full expression, which the police should respect.

The Prime Minister said this on Wednesday while responding to MP Osegge of the opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party who asked about Police’s action of breaking Opposition meetings.

“Uganda is  now a fully democracratic natio; all Ugandans have the right of full expression, which the police should respect.” PM Amama remarked.

Last weekend, the police blocked opposition leaders from holding consultative meetings on electoral reforms in the eastern districts of Mbale and Soroti.

16 thoughts on “Amama Faults Police For Blocking Opposition Meetings

  1. This is interesting. The so called cream movementists have started eating up themselves like grasshoppers in a bottle. So amazing that Mbabazi can now see and criticise the wrong deeds in their government after being cited as a Rebel member of the NRM caucus & NEC, by the so called life-party-president YK Museveni.

    We shall watch.

  2. What does the opposition have to do in a multi-party set up to hold a rally or talk to the people?

  3. Uganda is not a democracy

    When you live under a democracy, you instinctively know it and no one needs to tell you and I say this from direct personal experience.

    Uganda is far from a full-democracy let alone a anything like a democracy.

    The Prime Ministers declaration before Parliament that Uganda is a full democracy is a breath of fresh air but unfortunately Democracy is lived and reveals itself in the
    day-to-day life experiences of the people and actions of those that lead and govern and this is not the case in all aspects of life in Uganda.

    Unless the Prime Minister is a lonely honest wolf at the top, democratic practice does not exist anywhere in the actions of the NRM regime in power, not even within the NRM.

    Although the police in Uganda is very visibly a key violator of the human rights and and freedoms that true democracy embodies, many aspects of governance in Uganda are wanting and surely not democratic but dictatorial and totalitarian at best.

    The NRM regime in Uganda and all its instruments of governance and actions are not democratic by any measure or benchmark.

    Democracy in action includes accountability to the people by the executive and all levels of Government, respect and autonomy for the Judiciary in its functions
    without interference and manipulation by the executive, the military, and intelligence or as is in this case even the NRM party cadres.

    Democracy is revealed in truly “free and fair” elections: free from rigging, misinformation, harassment, manipulation, and this has never happened in Uganda since independence although some might disagree for their own selfish
    reasons too.

    Democracy is so priceless it cannot be bought or sold. It cannot be touched but can be felt by those that actually live it. Ugandans have not, but only dream of it.

  4. The trouble is that Kayihura reports direct to Museveni so the PM’s views will change nothing.

    I advise the PM to talk to his long time friend the Sabagabbe to tell this to Kayihura

  5. “all Ugandans have the right of full expression, which the police should respect.” PM Amama remarked. Finally the PM has woken up from the slumber,

  6. no one should be fooled my m7’s political games that fully include mbabazi….., these are actors and nothing more.

  7. The way they aggressively handled Bishop Zac! I am really wondering where we are heading to……

  8. Amama Mbabazi does not derserve thanks because he is he is seeing light in his Political eyes recognizing the need of democracry in Uganda because innocent Ugandans have swallowed tear gas others sprayed in their eyes as Mbabazi stood a loof watching silently now that he encounterers the same agony and torture harassement he talks sense to sympathiese with the dead people or the living

  9. Isn’t it surprising that Amama Mbabazi’s sense of “sight” improved drastically after the Kyankwanzi saga ? I find this as Ironic as it is cynical

  10. What is Kabale on Friday whee Police is stopping opposition from talking on the FM Radion VOK and stopping them from addressing people on corruption Mbabazi should come out to condemn the Police act of stopping opposition from meeting the citizens of Uganda talking to fellow citizens.

  11. Police in Uganda has no respect of any person save Museveni.Mbabazi has given a big contribution to his Country by telling parliament that the county is now a fully democratic nation where all Ugandans have the right of full expression, which the police should respect.Mbabazi has for the 28 years silent but watching in fear to speak out.More Ugandans who are ministers,MPs.RDCs,LC5 chairmen,Priests,Bishops,Archbishops,Sisters,Moslems,Catholics,Anglicans must unity with Mbabazi to fight for Democracy and respect of people by Police who are blindly following the orders of President Museveni.

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