Bugiri Man Arrested Over Cannibalism

Police in Bugiri are holding a 24 year old man for alleged cannibalism.

Etyang Ezekiel, a resident of Bugeso village in Iwemba Sub County was found with a human skeleton at his home. After his arrest at the weekend, Etyang confessed to police of practicing witchcraft.

Kyeyune Idris, the officer in charge of Bugiri police station, said that they arrested the suspect following a tip off from residents .

He says Etyang told police that he had exhumed the body of a resident who died recently in the area to perform rituals and become rich.

Kyeyune says the suspect faces charges of disturbing the peace of the dead as soon as investigations are complete. Some of the bones had blood.

Etyang who was arrested after a family dog was seen munching on the skull. But Etyang claims that he had smeared chicken blood on the skull as one way of cleansing the spirit of the deceased.

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  1. These r also people living wiz us in communities! God have mercey on us.

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