CINDY: Kenny Is My Therapy

Former Blue 3 singer Cindy Sanyu has come out to express the love she has for her new catch Kenneth Muyiisa, a South African based Uganda Sangoma.

Kenny and Cindy enjoying life in South Africa
Kenny and Cindy enjoying life in South Africa

“Being away from home and spending some time with people who love me and who I love has been like therapy for me,” said Cindy.

“I feel brand new and ready fi di world so life, bring it on baby.”

Cindy in Kenny's car
Cindy relaxing in Kenny’s car

Cindy went to South Africa over the weekend to spend some time with her lover and they were seen having a good time together.

Recently, Cindy broke up with her longtime love Mario who is of Italian origin while Kenny ran away from his baby mama Phina Mugerwa well known as Masanyalaze.


4 thoughts on “CINDY: Kenny Is My Therapy

  1. Haaa, what surprises me is that these women forget that they are not getting any younger. Because If I were Cindy I would keep quiet about this romance because Cindy has ever been there anyway.

  2. Cindy, it is just the start of your down fall, of all the classy men you have met you go for a Sangoma man.If I were you but anyway am not you which cancels out everything I would not open up on such an affair with a conman.A sangoma!!!!!!!!!!!! No future for you with him my friend.

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