Cindy ‘Steals’ Phina Masanyalaze’s Man

After breaking up with her long time Lover Mario, Cindy quickly hooked up a South African based Ugandan business man Kenneth Muyiisa who is a longtime lover to fast fading musician and singer Phina Masanyalaze of the Bampasude fame.


According to reliable sources, Kenneth and Phina have a three year old baby and they have been staying together in Entebbe.

The source further revealed that Muyiisa and Phina have been in a stable relationship for over five years.

A close pal to Cindy revealed to us on condition of anonymity that Cindy never knew the relationship between Kenneth and Phina.

Phina Mugerwa and her son
Phina Mugerwa and her son

“She didn’t know anything about that relationship. They actually met in one of Kampala’s plush hotel and fell in love,” close pal confirmed.

Phina was saddened by the news of Cindy taking over her man. She even reached the extent of changing her Facebook status from in a relationship to complicated relationship.

The Bampasude singer has however vowed to fight for his man and that she will do whatever it takes to have Muyiisa on her side forever.

Kenneth Muyiisa and Phina Mugerwa
Kenneth Muyiisa and Phina Mugerwa

It is also believed that Kenneth Muyiisa has been pumping lots of dime into Cindy’s recent musical projects.

Muyiisa also facilitated Cindy’s recent trip to South Africa where she spent over two weeks splashing dime.

Ex Blue 3 Singer Cindy Sanyu
Ex Blue 3 Singer Cindy Sanyu

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