Court Blocks Kampala Mayoral By-Elections

The beleaguered Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.
The beleaguered Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.

The High Court has granted embattled Kampala city Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago a permanent injunction over the Kampala Mayoral by-election.

Lukwago filed an application to temporarily block the Electoral Commission’s plans of organising by-elections to fill his position.

Lukwago’s move was prompted by EC boss Eng. Badru Kiggundu who last week announced that the  Commission had set April 17 as a date it would hold by-elections to fill the vacant position of the Kampala City Lord Mayor.

High court judge Lydia Mugambe ruled that Erias Lukwago is still the Lord Mayor of Kampala and that he must resume office.

The Judge insisted that the impeachment process was unlawful since a court order stopping the process was delivered on time. She also ordered the Electoral commission to stop plans to hold a bi-election in Kampala.

She also ordered that Lukwago be compensated and that should there be an attempt to block him from office, the minister in charge of Kampala, the Attorney General and the Executive director of Kampala will be liable for any damages should they try to block him from resuming office.

16 thoughts on “Court Blocks Kampala Mayoral By-Elections

  1. At least there is still some sanity in the Ugandan justice fraternity, this is proof that not all hope is lost. The Minister for the Presidency was caught “In flagrante delicto” trying to force the Lord mayor outta office.

  2. I really do not see why these fellows should knowingly defy the courts of law. Someone will soon pay the price for impunity. . . you’ll see.

  3. PM Mbabazi, IGP Kayihura, and ilk insist Lukwago is no longer the Lord Mayor. These poor souls have now been fully exposed of who they really are.

    Lukwago and Mugambe have made their mark in the history of Uganda and the power of the intellect as compared to the primitive brute force.

    You can bet with me that their dwarfed integrity will tell them, they must appeal this judgement. Just stay tuned.

  4. CongsLukwago!!

    But Lets wait for monday headlines. e,g

    4) A.G Nyombi or Tumwebaze make sarcastic statements over the ruling

    1. You are right. They are so shameless and brutal that Idi Amin would look a scout at practicing violence and disregard for the law.

  5. so what goes to the NRM aspirants who were organizing campaigns the mayoral seat? congs Salongo Erias

  6. Mayor Lukwago is not a saint to steer KLa city without mistake. Let whoever has never made a mistake take over as Kla city Mayor, certainly no one! bribes have a limit. Mayor Lukwago take charge of Kampala, am behind you. Complete your term, put me on your campaign team for next term we shall sweep all our detractors. Nyamuhanga akulinde!!

  7. Now that the law has sorted The Mayor out, let’s wait for the opposition’s rights of expression Without being assaulted , tossed in mud, tear gassed . What’s all this??

  8. I hope this time round Kajiji will realize that arrogance will not take him any where . Just ask your self where Mayombo is? Do you think you are more powerful or arrogant than he was? I pity you, just wait for your turn.

  9. This Court Injunction was long overdue….it will save the millions of shillings in tax payers money that would have been illegally spent on an illegal by-elections….Shame on Tumwebaze, shame on EC, Shame on the KCCA Councillors. I am not a Lukwago supporter, but i respect him as the legitimate Lord Mayor of Kampala.

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