DRC Releases Five Ugandan Nationals

The Government of Democratic Republic of Congo has released five Ugandan government officials that they had arrested last year while carrying out their lawful duties on Lake Albert.

A fisherman paddles his boat on the shores of Lake Albert
A fisherman paddles his boat on the shores of Lake Albert

The DRC government had arrested the five on allegations that they were violating the water space of DRC.

The five government officials that were released included two Ugandan Police Officers who PC Kapere Steven areNo. 46475 and PC Opoka Silvesta No. 37430

The Police Officers had accompanied three Fisheries staffs who were on routine patrol of the lake.

The three officers who were released are; Tumusiime Patrick, Bagambe Jimmy and Tinka Richard.

The five government officials were arrested on Lake Albert on May 29, 2013. They were first detained at Kasenyi in DRC but later transferred to Kinshasa.

They were released on February 27 2014 and they are still with the Ambassador of Uganda to the Democratic Republic of Congo waiting for air ticket to return home.

Their release was as a result of a series of meetings held between the Uganda government and DRC.

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