Eagles Production Is No More

One of Uganda’s celebrated music bands, the Eagles production is believed to have split and a new bad named Golden Production has been formed.

Eagles Production
Eagles Production

According to our highly placed sources, some Eagles Production members led by Mesech Ssemakula have decided to quit the band after they accused Geoffrey Lutaaya of using the band money to fulfill his own goals.

The members who have quit the now no-more band are Ronald Mayinja, Fred Sseruga, Catherine Kusasira, Stecia Mayanja and other upcoming singers.

Our source further revealed, the agreement was reached after the band members had a meeting that took place on Tuesday March 10 at Calendar house in Makyindye a Kampala suburb.

Musa Kavuma, the director of Eagles Production has however denied that the band has split.

“Please note it’s still Eagles with the same people but under a new name GOLDEN PRODUCTION. We decided to change the name for reasons best known to us. Thank you all for the support all these years,” Kavuma posted on his Facebook page this morning.

This is not the first time members are breaking away from the band, in recent years, the Kifa Nsalila singer Haruna Mubiru quit the band and form his own named Cream Production.

5 thoughts on “Eagles Production Is No More

  1. If it’s still the same, why change such a sounding name of the brand? It’s all about greed the main root cause of such downfalls of many wonderful groups-that is why Afrigo will always be the greatest of them all in Uganda because it has stood the test of time

  2. Did that Money pay for his extravagant wedding, or other personal things, in anyway quitting is not the solution

  3. But we can give them credit for holding together for such a long period of time. Most of them have been too youthful but they had managed their affairs very well. But some of the reasons could be promiscuity of some directors and managers of the group falling into love with their own staff members especially the female staff. However, splits in business are always Inevitable especially among entertainment groups like Eagles production.

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