Europe Backs Travel Bans Against Ugandans Over Anti-gay Law

Uganda President Yoweri Museveni signs an anti-homosexual bill into law at the state house in Entebbe last month.
Uganda President Yoweri Museveni signs an anti-homosexual bill into law at the state house in Entebbe last month.

The European Parliament has backed sanctions on Uganda and Nigeria to protest against their recent passing of anti-gay laws.

Members of the European parliament (MEPs) approved a non-binding resolution on Thursday by a large majority which said the two countries violated the Cotonou accord on human rights, democratic principles and the rule of law.

There should be targeted sanctions, such as travel and visa bans, against “the key individuals responsible for drafting and adopting” the laws, the resolution said.

Additionally, there should be a review of the EU’s “development aid strategy with Uganda and Nigeria, with a view to redirecting aid to civil society and other organisations rather than suspending it”, a parliamentary statement said.

EU Budget Commissioner Janusz Lewandowski, representing the Commission, told MEPs Brussels already “had very frank discussions with the two countries”, with more talks planned.

“The outcome of these contacts will be very important in determining how our relations with Nigeria and Uganda develop under the Cotonou accord,” Lewandowski said.

6 thoughts on “Europe Backs Travel Bans Against Ugandans Over Anti-gay Law

  1. Travel bans should be put against Europeans spearheading the move of putting sanctions on Uganda. If u are talking about “RIGHT” then u are straining the rights of Ugandans by trying to impose your immorals upon the people.

  2. Please EU, guys stop making wolokoso, Museveni will listen to you. dont think he has litle brain. The mamn is very wise in taking sides in certain things. Wait after 2016 election, that bill is most likely to be recalled back for scrutuny.

  3. So does it mean that citizens from EU countries should also be banned from entering Uganda and Nigeria. I was to know because I am a Ugandan working in one of the EU countries and I travel a lot within the countries. Please be clear.

  4. Tick for tat and you call it diplomacy? When Europeans too or Americans never accepted homosexuality no one mixed in their Business.

  5. Uganda shall not ban Europeans from traveling into Uganda as a lesson that Thou shalt not revenge but also Europe should know that Homosexuality is very bad and not acceptable in the eyes of God meaning what trend of thinking Europe is taking is dangerous to the country and the whole world because fighting God directly is sheer madness. because Uganda shall not be harassed because homosexuality but He who created the Europeans and Ugandans is to judge and establish peace and harmony between the two countries.

  6. Uganda shall never bend over Europe and following the threats over the Homosexuality.

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