FDC Gears Up For Grassroots Elections

Serere Woman MP Alice Alaso.
Serere Woman MP Alice Alaso.

Uganda’s main opposition party, the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) is working on an eight-month programme to introduce new party structures.

FDC Secretary General Alice Alaso told local media that this will include positions right from the grassroots to the national level with the exception of the party President.

Alaso, the Serere Woman MP says they continue to hold a series of meetings to re-energise and re-launch the party in preparation for 2016 general elections.

Alaso says the senior leadership and decision making organs of the party are expected to look at the blue print by the end of the month and work will effectively start in April.

As part of the process the party will hold countrywide rallies to be attended by top party leaders. They also plan to hold radio and TV talk shows, town hall meetings and roll them out to sub county level by June this year. These platforms will also be used for candidate identification and membership mobilization, according to Alaso.

Alaso states that once the party is done from polling station level, they will head to parish, Sub County and then district level. This will then generate the constituency conference which will elect two delegates. The district chairpersons will also elect their delegates to the national delegates’ conference.

Thereafter the National Delegates Conference will be called at a yet to be known date to elect new office bearers for the office of the secretary general, treasurer general and other secretaries.

It will the first time the party is holding elections since November 2012 when Major General Mugisha Muntu was elected to replace Dr Kiiza Besigye as party president. The election left cracks in the party with some members loyal to Nathan Nandala Mafabi claiming the exercise was fraudulent.

4 thoughts on “FDC Gears Up For Grassroots Elections

  1. Alaso, the Serere Woman MP says they continue to hold a series of meetings to re-energize and re-launch the party in preparation for 2016 general elections.
    Haha by the time these meetings come to conclusion, they will only get left overs from the cream of best supporters for the NRM, then there will come DP – Egumire getting another batch of third hand leftovers from FDC, then UPC will harvest air. Hope this is not creating excuses by impending high defeat from NRM by saying that Opposition did not have enough time for campaigns.

  2. FDC if you don´t have access to the central bank,police ,army then you are wasting time.look for another strategy.

  3. Grassroot elections but we are still weak at national level. Lets first sort out Najjanankumbi outstanding issues before we move to lower levels.

  4. let’s wait but the current wrangles and Dr. Besigye’s silence has retarded all processes of the party so to me they would first wait until they are united again because am sure bugisu region especially north and north east bugisu might boycott for obvious and nationally known reasons!!!

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