Fear As LRA ‘Threatens To Strike Teso’

In recent years LRA has been forced out of Uganda
In recent years LRA has been forced out of Uganda

Parts of Teso are in a state of alarm after a letter allegedly sent by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebels threatening to strike the region this month.

The letter is reported to have been dropped to Obalanga trading centre in Obalanga sub-region Amuria district, the place LRA first attacked on 15th June 2003.

The incursion by the LRA into Teso sub-region in 2003 paralyzed the region as thousands of people were forced into Internall Displaced Persons (IDP) camps.

However, the indigenous people rose up against the LRA and picked up arms to fight the rebels leading to the death of many top LRA commanders including Kony’s deputy Brigadier Charles Tabuley and Opio.

The hand written letter in Ateso vernacular language dated 20th February 2014, states that there are already eight LRA rebels in the area and that the rest will follow soon in order to effect the attack slated for 26th March 2014.

The letter is signed by with one name Joseph. Joseph describes himself as born in Acowa sub-county in Amuria district from where he alleges that he was abducted and grafted into LRA ranks.

The letter further alleges that they are following up Okello, from Orungo sub-county, who escaped with a sub machine gun from the LRA rebels.

The second letter which was also delivered on the March 08 did not disclose the date of attack but says any day from March the rebels will enter Teso region through Obalanga sub-county in Amuria district.

The second letter also states that Dirigir who claims to be a son of the soil and was abducted in 2003 is determined to seek revenge against the Iteso for killing the two top rebel commanders Tabuley and Opio.

Capt. Michael Ayaka, the overall intelligence coordinator Teso sub region, told Uganda Radio Network in an interview that there is no single LRA rebel in Uganda.

Ayaka claims that, the context of the first letter is nonsense and added that, the second letter is almost the same.

He noted that, the LRA rebels are in central Africa and wonders how the letter was sent to Amuria.
Capt. Ayaka appealed to the people of Teso to be calm saying that, the UPDF are on the ground.

2 thoughts on “Fear As LRA ‘Threatens To Strike Teso’

  1. All UPDF Soldiers deployed in South Sudan,Somalia and Central Africa should ipso facto be deployed in Teso to protect the District as a sign to prove that Museveni loves Ugandans and failure to this shall prove many things for Museveni and Ugandans.

  2. That sound like a mere joke, nothing serious about it, nobody should take that letter seriously, it is calculated to instil fear.

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