Four American Combat Planes Arrive

A V-22 osprey aircraft
A V-22 osprey aircraft

A contingent of four huge United States of America combat planes on Tuesday evening landed at Soroti airport.

US President Barak Obama recently ordered a sharp increase in U.S. Special Operations forces deployed to Uganda and sent U.S. military aircraft for the first time in the ongoing effort to hunt down warlord Joseph Kony in the Central African Republic.

The four planes roared into Soroti in parallel line causing fear and confusion among residents as they dipped to approach the run away.

The Washington Post reported that the Deputy Assistant of Defense Secretary for African Affairs, Amanda Dory told journalists that, the 150 marines are special operation troops who will be backed with up to four CV-22 Osprey aircraft machines.

An extra 150 marines will join the 100 others that have been at Entebbe air base since 2011 to back up the African Union Regional Task Force deployed to hunt down Joseph Kony’s leader.

Ospreys are tilt-rotor aircraft capable of landing and lifting straight off the ground like helicopters, but they can also fly and land as fixed-wing planes. They are faster, and with their refueling capability, they can fly farther than the small, fixed-wing contract aircraft being used in the mission.

Each can carry about 24 troops, and the aircraft are equipped with .50-caliber machine guns for self-defense. Dory said Ospreys will make a significant difference in the ability to respond to leads about Kony’s whereabouts, many of them generated through growing defections from Kony’s ranks.

The White House notified the Congress, under the War Powers Act, of the new deployments as it began on Sunday night.

The new War Powers Act notification sets the approximate total for all U.S. forces in Uganda at 300.
A combined country effort has been mounted to capture the LRA leader. South Sudan, Uganda and United States are some of the countries that have volunteered forces.

Kony, whose forces have spent years, attacking central African villages, mutilating civilians and stealing children, has been indicted by the International Criminal Court.

Isaac Lulaba the Resident District Commissioner Soroti who is the chairman of security in the district, told URN on phone that the planes belonged to American government that have been sent to boost the operations lightening thunder against LRA rebels.

6 thoughts on “Four American Combat Planes Arrive

  1. Talk of hunting down the oil. Why not go to CAR where Kony has been living for the last so many years?.

  2. I believe Kony is done.. Obama has sent American marines to Uganda to train them in jungle warfare.. Why? – is it not obvious that Obama and his predecessors have broken down the entire Middle East (with the exception of Saudi Arabia, a country that cut off hands and performs public executions) and now look to target as many African states as possible, states with large deposits of oil and natural gas.. Common sense tells us that with new states entering the world oil markets the price of oil will drop thereby throwing the USA economy deeper into recession.. Neither Obama nor it appears the American peoples care about the statistic that American forces have killed over 35,000,000 innocent men women and children since the end of WW11 – i.e. in ‘peacetime’.. I wonder how Americans would react if foreign forces simply dropped bombs on homes, schools and hospitals because the locals didn’t do as they were told…I WONDER…God Bless Uganda…

  3. Cowards!Why did the americans refuse to come years ago when kony was roaming northern uganda killing people?now that he is thousands of kilometers away and not a priority then here they come.what are they up to?

  4. Several Countries are interested in Uganda and Central Africa Hope they will not fight each while in hunt for Kony because Kony is not alone he also has countries to send him Planes to destroy those supplied by USA.

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