Hope Mwesigye: Amama Is A Hardworking Gentleman

 PM Amama Mbabazi.
PM Amama Mbabazi.

Uganda’s Former Agriculture Minister Hope Mwesigye has accused the country’s President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of blocking people from contesting against him.

Mwesigye, the Kabale district chairperson for the Ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) told the media over the weekend that attacks against the party Secretary General Amama Mbabazi are unlawful and aimed at tearing the party apart.

The NRM caucus has accused Mbabazi, his wife Jackie and sister in-law Hope Mwesigye of creating cliques in the party, something that climaxed at the caucus retreat in February. Legislators endorsed Museveni as the only party candidate for the 2016 elections and warned other party leaders against challenging him. But Hope Mwesigye says the endorsement was illegal.

She says that if the president wants to contest again come 2016, he has the right to do so and that he must not move in to block other party members who are interested in contesting.

The former minister went ahead to attack the Members of Parliament for what she referred to as failure to attend to their responsibilities but instead resorting to making decisions which are contrary to the NRM Party constitution.

Mwesigye says the NRM constitution makes it clear that the Caucus is supposed to discuss issues which are to be tabled in parliament so that they come up with a common Position once such a matter is tabled in the house.

Mwesigye says that the decision by the MPs is not binding and should not be used to harass those who do not agree with it.

She went ahead to rubbish claims that she has been behind the formation of cliques in the party, noting that her major concern is to ensure that the Ugandan Constitution and the NRM Party Constitution are adhered to.

Mwesigye says that selfish members of the party are moving in to claim that Mbabazi has many responsibilities to attend to and cannot run the office effectively, a view she says is ridiculous.

The former minister asks why Museveni who is president as well as NRM party chairperson has not been asked to handover the chairpersonship. She describes Mbabazi as a responsible, hardworking and reliable gentleman.

Mwesigye adds that she is willing to appear before the party’s disciplinary committee once she is summoned but says she will not hesitate to fight for the consideration and respect of the party’s constitution.

The NRM caucus is again set to meet  President Museveni today, the third such meeting in two weeks.

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  1. Amama Mbabazi for presidency!!! Uhhm. When I turned pages of his records, I found so much dirty about him e.g. Temangalo, Bank scandals, CORRUPTION etc. NO VOTE FOR YOU SIR. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME.

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