Is Mugula Just Hot Air?

In quantum mechanics, the Pauli exclusion principle states that “No two objects can occupy the same place at one time.” and Moses Golola is right to claim the title of ‘the Undisputed Kickboxing King of Uganda’.

Moses Golola (L) was declared the ‘Undisputed king of kickboxing in Uganda’ after convincingly defeating Mugula.
Moses Golola (L) was declared the ‘Undisputed king of kickboxing in Uganda’ after convincingly defeating Mugula.

Golola has become too mythical that prior to each fight especially the last two; a knockout against UPDF’s Titus Tugume’ and Ronald Mugula, whom he termed ‘The Germany Shepherd’, Conspiracy theories of fixed fights in favour of the man who ‘left his mother in the labour ward and went to announce his birth to his father’, have refused to go away.

In the past, Golola used to talk faster than his kicks, but now his phenomenal kicks do the talking.

A first minute knock out to Titus Tugume ‘The Hard Rock’ was no fluke, since that is part of the game. And Saturday morning’s 5-round non-title 50-48, 49-47 and 49-49 victory, earned the loudmouthed Golola all the bragging rights.

Journalist Abdu Wasike, whose admiration for Golola is enviable, commented that: “Moses Golola deserved to be declared the king of kickboxing in Uganda… Some may look at it as a stage managed fight but Ronald Mugula, who was disappointing on the day, couldn’t allow his name to be tarnished… Mugula did more running round in the ring than doing what he usually does best “Attack”. Mugula appeared to have been overconfident and did not see losing to Golola. However, when you combine the two, it is easy to see why Mugula lost.”

True. Prior to the fight, Mugula had warned that: I am going to prove to the world that I am Uganda’s finest. Golola is nothing.” Now he must humbly chew the pie.

After the fight at Freedom City Mall on Entebbe Road, where Golola kissed the canvass for longer periods than he was actually on his feet, said: “If those are the results, let them be.”

For Golola, time and space cannot allow to complete all his chest thumping remarks. But, “I came to finish the mission and prove to the whole world that am the undisputed king of kick boxing in Uganda,” is what sums up his legend.

Golola has consistently improved his kicks and champion body builder Ivan Byekwaso notices the progress.

“Golola has been improving especially after he quit the showbusiness. He used to waste a lot of time posing for pictures instead of training. He now concentrates on training and with a powerful punch, he has no match,” Byekwaso said.

For making the sport popular in Uganda, Moses Golola should be left to enjoy the limelight. Mugula left Germany a feared fighter but can now go back and humbly remember the king to the throne in Uganda still remains Golola. Otherwise, professing good kicks without actions is just spouting hot air.


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