Kaboyo To Take UTL Ahead

The Government of Uganda and LAP GreenN have appointed a new Chairman and board of directors for its subsidiary Uganda Telecom (UTL), one of Uganda’s leading total communications services provider. Stephen Kaboyo will assume the new role as Chairman taking over from Dr. Ben Mbonye who has resigned after serving for the past four years.

KaboyoFurthermore, the board will also see a new set of faces with three members filling in positions to complete the seven person board. The new Chairman and board members were decided on by LAP GreenN and The Government of Uganda in order to continue Uganda Telecom’s turnaround by providing renewed leadership for the future.

“We are delighted to welcome Stephen Kaboyo as Chairman of the Uganda Telecom board and would like to thank Dr Ben Mbonye for his service,” said Wafik Shater, LAP GreenN CEO.

“Dr. Mbonye has done a great job in the challenging role of Uganda Telecom Chairman for the few years and we wish him success in his future, we are also confident that the experience and expertise from Mr. Kaboyo and the new board members will be very valuable for our organization and we are confident that they will continue bringing the necessary changes to take Uganda Telecom to the highest standards of quality.”

Stephen Kaboyo, an Ex Central Bank Executive, brings 20 years of knowledge and experience to the position of Chairman. He currently operates a private practice, Alpha Capital Partners, an indigenous Ugandan firm with interests in sovereign asset management, foreign exchange trading strategies and financial sector advisory. Stephen is a graduate of McPherson College in McPherson Kansas, US and has undergone extensive professional training in a number of Business schools throughout the world. He has served as an intermittent expert for the IMF, participating in international missions providing technical assistance in developing financial systems.

Commenting on these new appointments Mr. Ali Amir, CEO of Uganda Telecom said: “Stephen is a great addition to the Uganda Telecom board, his experience and knowledge of the Ugandan market will be a significant asset for Uganda Telecom moving forward. I look forward to working very closely with him and the rest of the board in order to continue the revival of Uganda Telecom’s services for our extremely loyal customers throughout Uganda. On behalf of the Uganda Telecom management I would like to thank Dr. Mbonye and the departed board members for all their efforts and guidance in their respective roles on the board.”

The three additional board members joining Uganda Telecom are Stewart Simpson, Group Chief Legal Officer, LAP GreenN who brings over 20 years of legal experience, including extensive corporate, commercial and litigation experience. Joanna Roche, Group HRAO, LAP GreenN who has 15 years HR experience across telecom, FS & IT sectors in companies such as Barclays, BT, Citigroup, Nokia, EDS & HP; and Kalid Tarapolisi, Strategic Projects Director, LAP GreenN with over 15 years of experience in telecommunications working with major operators such as Verizon, Sprint and Level 3 Communications and as a special advisor to the Minister of Communications of Libya.

“Uganda Telecom has great potential for growth throughout Uganda,” said Stephen Kaboyo, appointed Chairman of Uganda Telecom Board. “We will need to evaluate our growth areas and continue the massive push for all around improvement in performance for our customers as we continue to reposition the company.”

The management of LAP GreenN is very optimistic with regards to its operation in Uganda. The company’s vision and strategy are focused on turning Uganda Telecom into a major telecom operator through growth and rapid deployment of market changing initiatives

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