Kadaga Reappoints ‘Rebel’ MPs To Parliament Committees

The four legislators have served on the same committees for the last two and half years.
The four legislators have served on the same committees for the last two and half years.

Rebecca Kadaga, the speaker of parliament has reappointed the four embattled NRM legislators to serve on different parliamentary committees. 

They are Bernard Tinkasimiire, the Buyaga County MP, Kampala Central MP Muhammad Nsereko, Theodore Ssekikubo, the Lwemiyaga county and their Ndorwa East MP Wilfred  Niwagaba.

Theodre Sekikubo has been appointed to serve on the Public Accounts Committee-PAC, Nsereko Human Rights Committee, Barnabas Tinkasimire, the Equal Opportunities Committee and MP Wilfred Niwagaba on the Rules, Privileges and Discipline Committee.

The four legislators have served on the same committees for the last two and half years. Kadaga read out the names of the legislators during plenary this afternoon, in which party whips designed their members to various committees.

Justine Kasule, the government chief whip, Rowland Mugume, the opposition deputy chief whip and Sam Otada, the leader of independents read out the names of their members appointed to different committees.

During the same sitting, the new Parliamentary Commissioners were also presented to the House. Government Chief Whip Justine Kasule Lumumba presented the three NRM Parliamentary Commissioners as Wakiso Woman MP Rose Mary Seninde, PWDs Northern Uganda Representative Nokrach William and Bukedea Woman MP Rose Akol.

The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga
The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga

The Deputy Opposition Chief Whip Rowland Mugume presented MP Regan Okumu representing Aswa County as the new opposition Parliamentary Commissioner.  Other members of the Parliamentary Commission include the Speaker of Parliament, the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Leader of Government Business and Leader of Opposition.

In the same plenary Kadaga also designated Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) representatives to various committees. Katumba Wamala, the Chief of Defense Forces was designated to the Government Assurances Committee, Col. Phinehas Manoni Katirima to the Budget Committee, Deputy CDF Charles Angina to the Rules Privileges and Discipline Committee, Captain Suzan Lakot to the National Economy Committee, Col.

Innocent Oula to the Human Rights Committee, Sarah Mpambaza to the HIV Committee and Major General Jim Oweyesigye to the Local Government Accounts Committee.

7 thoughts on “Kadaga Reappoints ‘Rebel’ MPs To Parliament Committees

  1. Now i can not wait to see the reaction of our president of Uganda Kagutta yoweri Museveni sabarwana kawo kada, golora2, bush warrior of all times, luwero witness, NRM leader, Money Distributor and giver, the only one who has served Uganda many years than any other president,, kyankwanzi chairman, Putins best friend, the one who does not tack in, the one who critizes western culture but hardly put on African attires and lastly but not least “ORDER FROM ABOVE Name them all…lol

  2. I have never supported the idea of having UPDF Representatives in Parliament! if that’s the case, even Police, Prisons and other Government Agencies should be represented too!

  3. I think right Honorable Kadaga has got what it takes to control the affairs of the big house. I think being eloquent and dissent is not bad because it helps the parliament and the government to check where it has gone wrong.
    Uganda is one of the country which can be peaceful under responsible leaders but we simply have to have a big picture of what we want our country to be. This is because we have enough resources to support us all only that some few indisciplined citizens simply prove to be selfish.

  4. The Prominent MPs are finally out of the hands of the Ruling Party which had wanted to push them out of Parliament like dogs kicked outside the huge pile of meat before them however These are learned and outspoken Lawyers and intellectuals Uganda has that have made Museveni and his other MPs Party members that Uganda cannot be drugged into dictatorship so openly,freely and without willingness the battle is almost over and the Museveni and his weak supporters are seeing the light of what Justice and peace means to any given country.

  5. Bravo Kadaga !! This iron lady has got both the balls and bottle stand her ground in the name of justice.

  6. Waleya needs prayers, all he does is attack the President even when the artcle of the day does not concern Museveni

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