Kaweesi Moves To Quell Clandestine Cliques In Police

Kampala Metropolitan Police Director, Andrew Felix Kaweesi
Kampala Metropolitan Police Director, Andrew Felix Kaweesifeatured, top

Kampala Metropolitan Police Director, Andrew Felix Kaweesi has broken rackets in which police officers at police stations connive to fleece suspects of their money.

Another racket involved traffic officers who connive with breakdown service operators to cheat unsuspecting members of the public.

During an impromptu visit to The Kampala Central Police Station, Kaweesi discovered that police officers working as cell guards were conniving with a quasi-administration inside cells to extort money from suspects.

He was informed by suspects that police officers often demand for payment from those who would like to acquire comfortable places to sleep. Suspects were paying 30,000 to sleep in a special cell nicknamed Sheraton or 10,000 to sleep in another nicknamed Africana. Those without money then sleep in what is referred to as go-cool.

The suspect’s administration also determines who should have a meal on a particular day.

Kaweesi explained that the suspects’ administration thrives on torture and intimidation to get fellow suspects to release money. Prior to Kaweesi’s intervention it’s not uncommon to hear suspects wailing inside the CPS police cells while being beaten by fellow suspects.

Following the discovery, Kaweesi ordered for the arrest of the cell guards saying they have been operating clandestine money making cliques that benefit police officers and heads of suspects alike.

Kaweesi denied knowledge of this sort of arrangement and vowed to crush. He says the operation which began at the central police station in Kampala would move to other cells within Kampala Metropolitan area.

Kaweesi also moved and ordered all break down service vehicles off police stations in Kampala.

Kaweesi explained that breakdown services charge up to UGX 100,000 to tow a vehicle from Pioneer mall to CPS parking yard which is far more costly than hiring a vehicle from Kampala to Ntinda. He questioned the motive for towing vehicles in good mechanical condition.

4 thoughts on “Kaweesi Moves To Quell Clandestine Cliques In Police

  1. That is why I hail Afande Kaweesi, he should lead the anti-corruption dept of the police force.
    Good work done, keep it up guy. We r behind yu.

  2. when some one does something good at least you say cheap popularity Africans we should learn to give credit where it is deserved.

  3. Thank you Officer Kaweesi, but make this operation routine and stamp out criminal-like elements in Police. Also do you know the prisoners are sodomized while in the cells. Please instal CCTVs in the cells and within the Police stations offices and corridors, you will be able to effectively control the vices.

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