Khamadi, Karungi Inseparable

Latest reports reaching our desk indicate NTV news anchors and also rumored lovers Joel Khamadi and Josephine Karungi have moved in together.


For quite some time there has been talk that Khamadi and married Karungi are having an affair.

This came after Karungi’s marriage to Vincent Musisi broke down over alleged infidelity.

Following their marriage at the close of 2012, it has been said that Musisi kept cheating on Karungi with a cocktail of lovers including white girls.

Karungi reacted by dumping her wedding ring. Now reports coming through suggest that Khamadi these days spends most of the nights at Karungi’s rented pad in Kiwatule.

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    1. Beauty is skin deep my bro…. who knows, she got the looks, but then probably Khamadi got the “magic stick” to nail miss september!!!

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