Liver Flukes Invade Cattle in Soroti

Liver flukes have invaded cattle in Soroti living farmers counting losses. Liver flukes are flat parasitic worms, which attack the liver and bile duct in domestic animals and humans.

Akarimojong young boy grazing cows inside the field of Teso College Aloet
Akarimojong young boy grazing cows inside the field of Teso College Aloet

Patrick Eyudu, the Senior Veterinary Officer Soroti says the liver flukes have been reported in all the ten sub counties in the district. He says the animals are infected by drinking dirty water.

Eyudu names Gweri, Kamuda and Katine sub counties as the most affected. He says several animals have died, but adds that they don’t the exact number.

Liver flukes caused infected cattle to lose weight and emaciate. Our reporter visited Gweri Sub County and saw farmers stranded with several infected cows.

Tom Ekudo, the LC 3 chairperson Gweri Sub County said  that on average five cows die each day as a result of the liver fluke attack. He says at least 500 cows are infected in the sub county alone.

He says the worst affected areas in Omugenya, Aukot and Gweri parishes. Zainabu Aisha, the livestock Officer Gweri Sub County says in addition to Liver flukes they have also registered cases of cattle by the Contagious Bovine Plural Pneumonia (CBPP). CBPP attacks the lungs of the animal leading to heavy coughing.

Asuman Kana, a resident of Gweri village and John Michael Olupot, the former Gweri sub county LC3 chairperson are some of the affected farmers. Kana said that he has lost four cows to the disease within a space of two weeks.

John Edonu, a resident of Omugenya village says that he lost three cows which he slaughtered in exchange for cereal grains.

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