M7 Warns Opposition Against Sabotaging Govt Programs

President Yoweri Museveni (L) commissions multimillion dollar sewerage treatment plant in Lubigi, March 28, 2014. PPU PHOTO
President Yoweri Museveni (L) commissions multimillion dollar sewerage treatment plant in Lubigi, March 28, 2014. PPU PHOTO

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has warned opposition politicians against sabotaging government projects saying the projects are non partisan and are for all Ugandans and they cannot be stopped.

According to a statement from Sarah Kagingo, the Special Presidential Assistant On Communications on Saturday, president Museveni gave this warning while commisioning a multimillion dollar sewerage treatment plant in Lubigi on Friday.

“I was informed that initially Rubaga division did not like this project to go on. It is good that they realized their problem and supported the project. Government projects are for public hood and you should embarrass those who subbotage projects without wasting any time.

“We would have arrested this Kasibante, who is he?” the President wondered when he was told that the area Member of Parliament, Moses Kasibante had mobilized people to occupy the swamp and fight the project leading to its delay and injuring some staff at the site.

“Members of Parliament can also be arrested. When we lost our daughter Nebanda under very sad circumstances, there were some members of parliament who wanted to interfere with the work of police and professionals that they wanted to check Nebanda’s body parts, I had to put them in first. I thought it was area local chairmen who were frustrating the project but an MP! If there are legal issues, these can be settled but you cannot stop government projects. Kasibante should never do this again and must stop it” he said before commissioning the Lubigi water and sewerage treatment plant that will serve the areas of Kawempe, Bwaise, Katanga, Makerere, Nsooba including hotspots like Mulago hospital, Public service and Wandegeya areas.

The plant is under the Lake Victoria protection project phase one and is part of the Kampala sewerage master plan that will see government develop four other plants in Nakivubo, Kinawataka, Lubigi and Nalukolongo.

The sewerage system in Kampala was constructed over 70 years ago and only covers the central business district, about 7 percent of the total population residing in the metropolitan Kampala.

The President said the NRM plan from the beginning was modernization which meant prioritizing four sectors mainly agriculture, industrialization, services and introducing sectors such as information communication technology.

“We cant achieve all this without developing the infrastructure because this is what enables other things to take place. While our vision is clear, the question was how to fund infrastructure development,” he said, adding that in 2005 they resolved to focus on two sectors mainly electricity and roads using governments own money.

He said while various sectors including piped water are important, with the discovery of oil and gas, the country will take advantage of this to fund other sectors.

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  1. The big question to Museveni is that which are these Government Programs being sabotaged.The NRM government in truth has no clear program meant to help the citizens to develop nor benefit from the so called mysterious programs meant to benefit few individuals in Uganda

    There is absolutely no program of the NRM government meant to benefit Ugandans all what seem to be government programs are for those in big position to swindle that money meant to take up that program in progress.

    The blame President Museveni is underlining is wrong and talking to give positive impression to listeners that the President has the Country at heart while his Heart might be wondering in countries looking where to buy teargas,rubber bullets to harass innocent politicians

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