M7 Warns Against Inheriting Widows

President Museveni (L) at the Busitema University Students' Cultural gala, 15th March 2013.
President Museveni (L) at the Busitema University Students’ Cultural gala, 15th March 2013. PPU PHOTO

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has advised the country’s youth to stop practicing irrational cultures like inheritance of widows which is very dangerous and called on them to distinguish relevant cultural practices from out-dated ones and shun them.

“My advice to you young people is evaluate cultural practices and make a clear distinction between the relevant and those out of date. Walking bear footed is out of date, you can get hook worms and thorns can hurt your feet. Inheritance of widows especially brothers’ is irrational and very dangerous, it must stop,” he warned.

The President was on Saturday speaking at the launching ceremony of Busitema University Students Cultural Gala held at the main campus in Busia district.

The Gala was organized by students of all the 5 campuses of Busitema University that included Nagongera, Arapai, Namasagali and Mbale campuses.

President Museveni added that in the 50s and 60s, he actively participated in the campaign against drinking un-boiled milk in Ankole that was a source of diseases like worms, brucellosis and TB. He said the practice stopped. The President, therefore, called on the youth not to glorify culture, but to evaluate between the good culture that can be maintained and the irrelevant one that must be discarded.

He also reiterated his call to all leaders to sensitize locals on how best they can utilize their land to eradicate poverty through modern commercial farming.

Mr. Museveni said the government through the private partnership will construct factories in Tororo and Busia for the production of fertilizers and iron Ore among others basing on the type of the minerals found in the area.

The President asked the people of Tororo and Busia to support the establishment of the factories in their area for economic development and transformation of the nation.

He added that it was criminal for anybody to sabotage or even delay the establishment of factories that produce goods for us to export, consume and also create job opportunities for Ugandans.

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She Is The Special Presidential Assistant On Communications

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  1. I thought such a function is too small to be graced by the president. It could at most have been a minister.

  2. Was that a developmental message to the youths?
    We need brilliant ideas –that can lead the country somewhere during this crisis

  3. In Ankole a male guest sleeps with the host’s wife as part of the welcome package! Or has the practice been stopped?

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