City Photojournalist ‘Killer’ Arrested

Police has again arrested the woman who is believed to have been the root cause of New Vision photojournalist Royce Mubiru Kakebe.

Percy Nanyondo
Percy Nanyondo

Sources reveal that Percy Nanyondo was arrested early this week and she is detained at Jinja Road Police station.

Mubiru is believed to have died of Tetanus that he acquired via a wound that he obtained when Percy Nanyondo hit her with a piece of a broken bottle at a Boat Cruise in January.

Royce Mubiru Kakebe is dead
Royce Mubiru Kakebe is dead

Before he died, Kakebe had reported an assault case at Kitintale police post on January 19 and on February 15, Percy Nanyondo was arrested but she was later released on February 17 after Kakebe reached a mutual agreement with Percy.

5 thoughts on “City Photojournalist ‘Killer’ Arrested

  1. anger management is an issue we all need to pay attention to. this chic did not intend to kill a person and did not even have time to think about her reaction. i believe it was more of a reflex and that is why the deceased had time to forgive her before he passed on. RIP Royce Kakebe

  2. May his soul rest in peace!! but if they reached an agreement before the deceased passing away, why re-arrest her?

  3. Surely this lady, whose privacy was being abused and used took a wrong method to express her protest. This was neither a fatal brow or injury that would lead to death. People get worse injuries everyday and do not die. Unfortunately, the journalist died, perhaps due to causes related to these injuries. What I see here, is a lack of proper timely medical attention to the injuries. And this cannot be put on the poor lady. I think the journalist never took it so serious, and by the time he did, it was too late. It is absurd that the lady continues to be refered to as a “killer”. We have real killers who should be in prison, like Desh, but they trot our streets free.

  4. let her face man slaughter charges that takes lesser punishment than murder next time she will think twice before being angry

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