NRM Caucus Meeting to Review Kyankwanzi Resolutions

David Bahati, the Deputy NRM chief whip explains that while appointing committee chairpersons they consider amongst other things someone’s loyalty to the party.
David Bahati, the Deputy NRM chief whip

The NRM Parliamentary Caucus Meets again in Entebbe this afternoon to reflect on the 2016 General Elections and follow up on issues discussed in the recent Kyankwanzi retreat.

David Bahati, the Deputy Government Chief Whip says that the Caucus meeting is particularly reviewing the Kyankwanzi resolve to endorse President Yoweri Museveni as the sole NRM Presidential Candidate in 2016. he adds that Members meeting today are devising means of moving this resolution forward.

The resolution based on a motion by the Youth MP for northern region Evelyn Anite was signed by over 200 members of Parliament all endorsing a proposal stretch Yoweri Museveni’s reign beyond 2016.

Pundits however argued thereafter that the outcomes of the Kyankwanzi retreat were undemocratic and were in contravention of the NRM constitution, which encourages competition for political office, including the presidency.

But Bahati says they intend totake the resolution through the appropriate channels.

“At the moment, the meeting will be on the follow up of the recommendations and resolutions made in Kyankwanzi and plan how to push them forward. There are going to be a number of meetings of this nature to follow up on the resolutions and politics in the country”, Bahati stated.

3 thoughts on “NRM Caucus Meeting to Review Kyankwanzi Resolutions

  1. Why dont these fellows discuss issues of national interest? To them, Museveni is all that matters? Burgers

  2. The Caucus meeting has proved to be useless and dead particularly as regards reviewing the Kyankwanzi resolve to
    endorse President Yoweri Museveni as the sole NRM Presidential Candidate
    in 2016. Museveni should be understood by this Caucus that he has been a problem of Uganda for long.He is fighting in Somalia,South Sudan,Congo.Central Africa but cannot joke around with Tanzania and Kenya because the people there know him as unpredictable leader who keeps fooling his Party Members that he is the Only President of Uganda like Amini although Amini was a bit better because he taught Ugandans to do business and become rich.

  3. This is all rubbish to us Ugandan all we want is to see all the NRM monsters gone ,NRM monsters are a shame and its time we got ride of them at whatever cost,tell me where in the world do you find aperson ruling for 28years but just destorying the country tell me what is the point of putting up elections while they ridge votes to win,which counrty have you ever seen in the world while the army is owned by one person expect the Museveni`s army,tell me which country does have tribalism like the way it is in Uganda where by each and every better position in the country its hearded by one family and tribe even when they don`t know what to do,tell me which country did you ever see a 1st lady as a minster and brother and brothers inlaw as minsters ,tell me which country in this world have you ever seen one person stealing money and they just change him to another minstery.if we still have people like the NRM monsters in Uganda then our country is getting no where,the truth of the matter those NRM monster should go before they do more damage,28years there is no any single development they can show expect stealing while people are saffering,If they care about the country then let them step down and let them hand over there unfinished projects to the next coming leader to finish them which am so sure if they couldn`t do anything in the 28years there is nothing they can do in the next 5years,those guys are monsters they don`t have at all Uganda at heart,Ugandans its time we stood up and took back our country from those monster of NRM.Ugandan lets stand together as one and take back our country from all the theives of NRM.whoever who believes in this please sign on my facebook page username temaugu and lets discuss the way forward to get ride of the NRM monsters

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