NRM Caucus To Appoint New Committee Chairpersons

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) caucus is to sit again on Monday to appoint new parliamentary committee chairpersons.


This will be the 4th time in two weeks that the caucus members are meeting to discuss several issues affecting the party including the perceived fallout between Museveni and Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi.

Early this week the Central Executive Committee (CEC) met and elected new parliamentary commissioners.

This came on the heels of several other meetings including a 10-day retreat in Kankwanzi from 6th to 16th February during which the MPs endorsed Museveni as the sole party candidate for the 2016 presidential elections.

The Caucus meeting will again be sitting at State House Entebbe under the chairmanship of President Yoweri Museveni. Deputy Government Chief Whip David Bahati has confirmed the Monday Caucus meeting.

A source in NRM said that the meeting is also scheduled to settle disagreements the NRM CEC had on the recently appointed Parliamentary Commissioners.

CEC will again sit on Tuesday morning next week to adopt the new chairpersons that will be appointed on Monday and later be presented to the House in the afternoon.

In the recent CEC meeting at State House Entebbe, Wakiso Woman MP Rosemary Sseninde, PWDs Representative Northern Uganda William Nokrach and Rose Akol Akullu were appointed as the new NRM Parliamentary Commissioners.

According to the source, President Museveni directly appointed MPs Sseninde and Akol while the CEC members had a different list of people they had wanted to be Commissioners.

2 thoughts on “NRM Caucus To Appoint New Committee Chairpersons

  1. all said and done the NRM has informed the Public of what is taking place , unlike the other parties which are governed by a few individuals as personal businesses

  2. The NRM ruling Party under President Museveni is slowly dying a Natural death waiting for its burial and rotting because God has given the NRM monsters to repent and be good leaders but have to date continued to be as bad as Satan waiting the worst to happen to the Party and its leaders.

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