Oguttu Seeks Slots For Party Presidents In Parliament

Wafula Oguttu, The leader of opposition in parliament
Wafula Oguttu, The leader of opposition in parliament

Wafula Oguttu, the leader of opposition in the Ugandan parliament wants parliament to create slots for political party presidents in the house. He believes that allowing political party heads in the house would make a very big difference.

Oguttu said this during the official hand over of office by former opposition officials in parliament to their successors presided over by the speaker Rebecca Kadaga.

He said that he personally thinks that one of the reforms the opposition should be pushing is the proportional representation in parliament. Oguttu noted that a party which gets sizeable number of votes in country should be represented by its leaders in the house.

He also noted that he is a leader of opposition because General Mugisha Muntu, the FDC president is not in the house, which wouldn’t be the case if there was a slot reserved for political party heads.

In her response, the speaker Rebecca Kadaga noted that the powers to make reforms lays in the hands of the legislators, adding that she is waiting for their submissions. She asked the MPs to expedite the tabling of the proposed reforms saying she wants the proposals handled before the budget is tabled.

All party presidents attended the handover, which saw outgoing shadow ministers receive certificates from the speaker.

3 thoughts on “Oguttu Seeks Slots For Party Presidents In Parliament

  1. Yeah. It makes sense, since in Uganda there are several interest groups in Parliament: youth, army, women, disabled – there is nothing wrong with having political party heads there too. But it should only be for political parties that have won parliamentary seats through general elections. Otherwise schemers will form briefcase parties and claim free positions, without doing anything.

  2. Isn’t Hon Ken the president of the Conservative Party (CP)? Let them also battle it out with the electorate so that they join the Parliament.

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