Opposition MPs Cry Foul As Plenary Is Halted Over NRM Caucus

Ugandan Opposition Members of Parliament have questioned a decision to halt Parliamentary business in favor of the ruling party’s National Resistance Movement (NRM) caucus.

This after members of parliament received text messages in the afternoon indicating that the session on Tuesday had been called off due to unavoidable circumstances.  The message came long after the Parliamentary bell had been sounded, an indication that the session had been planned to take place.

During the sme time, NRM Members of Parliament were locked up in a meeting at State House in Entebbe to discuss among others, how to advance a recent resolution endorsing Presidnt Yower Museveni as a sole presidential candidate ahead of 2016. They were also expected to come up with names of new committee chairpersons and commissioners.

However,  Kumi County MP Amuriat Oboi Patrick describes the move as a betrayal to their electorate since the Parliamentary business calendar has been abused by the ruling National Resistance Movement.

The FDC allligned legislator says after a recess of nearly two months, Parliament was supposed to resume business on February 3rd this year. However, because of the NRM retreat in Kyankwanzi Parliament instead resumed on February 18th.

Odonga Otto, The Aruu County MP says the NRM is taking a worrying trend by usurping powers of Parliament to make laws as per Article 79 of the constitution. Otto says it is time for Parliament to think about amending the constitution so that the Speaker of Parliament does not belong to any political party.

He argues that since Rebecca Kadaga and her Deputy Jacob Oulanya are both members of the ruling NRM, the opposition that has less numbers of MPs is rendered redundant.

Abia Christine Arua Woman MP says the adjournment is a clear picture that it is party above Uganda and above Ugandans.

Members of Parliament earn UGX 360,000 per day whether they sit or not. This is equivalent to over UGX 133 million shillings of tax payer’s money every day.

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  1. Banange are these mps for Ugandans or for their stomachs do your math and tell me how much medicine would be in hospitals or how many teachers would be paid by the daily allowance to mps.Scenario is : 360,000shs * 30 days * 360 number of mps =3,888,000,000 per month nowonder these guys including opposition fight so hard to get to parliament and keep kaguta in the seat coz no normal president would spend all that money on such a huge number of mps who the ordinary citizen does not need.We should have regional mps thats 5mps is enough.

  2. Who is to save Ugandans if the policemen can attempt to rape in this century? Who is going to protect vulnerable Ugandans ?What is needed is GOD’S mercy to change our motives.

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