Opposition to Table Motion Over Lord Mayor

Opposition legislators are considering tabling a motion to compel government to respect a court order, which stopped the impeachment of the lord mayor.

The beleaguered Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.
The beleaguered Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.

Ken Lukyamuzi, the Lubaga South MP is expected to table the motion of behalf of the opposition legislators in parliament on Tuesday next week.

In November last year, KCCA councilors controversially impeached Lukwago in disregard of a court injunction isseued by Justice Yasin Nyanzi.

As a result, Lukwago petitioned high court challenging his impeachment, which ruled in his favor. In ruling Justice Yasin Nyanzi dismissed the impeachment of Lukwago as null and void.

Despite the court ruling, government has since blocked Lukwago from accessing his office and also frustrated all his attempts to address the electorate.

The opposition argues that the way government is treating Lukwago is unbecoming of a regime that once respected democracy.

Lukyamuzi says there is need for Parliament to ensure that the Lord Mayor is rescued from what he called the quagmire of political confusion.

He cites the reluctance of government to pronounce its self on the circumstances surrounding the case Lukwago after court maintained him as the Lord Mayor.

Lukyamuzi says instead the electoral commission is going ahead with preparations for a bye-election despite the court ruling. He wants government to explain why it has failed to respect the rule of law.

Lukyamuzi explains that his motion will also demand that electoral commission stops the preparations for a bye-election.

Wafulu Oguttu, the Leader of opposition questions the double standards employed by government. He wonders why government has respected all the court orders issued in regard to the rebel MPs and yet failed those issued in the case of the lord mayor.

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