RDCs To ‘Undergo Military Training’

No nonsense Kampala Minister Frank Tumwebaze.
No nonsense Kampala Minister Frank Tumwebaze.

Uganda’s Presidency minister Frank Tumwebaze has attributed the poor performance of government programmes on the powerlessness of Resident District Commissioners due to the absence of the law to define their specific field of operation.

Tumwebaze told the parliament’s committee of presidential affairs on Wednesday while giving a sector performance review report for the national patriotism clubs.

He told the committee that for government programmes to succeed there is need to have a law on RDCs to define their roles to enhance the implementation of these programmes.

The minister said government is considering taking RDCs to Kyankwanzi to equip them with military knowledge and learn to categorize their tasks as it is not stipulated in the constitution.

He said that Article 203 where the RDCs derive their mandate from doesn’t define in detail the terms and conditions of the RDCs’ work and doesn’t empower them.

Tumwebaze also added that his ministry was forced to recommend that the president sacks RDCs that were not performing after an appraisal which revealed that most them are absentee RDCs.

The MPs questioned the success of the patriotism clubs which sought to inculcate Norms and Values of patriotism in students and youth in all secondary schools.

8 thoughts on “RDCs To ‘Undergo Military Training’

  1. As usual Kyankwanzi is waiting to receive them as include them on the list of those who must work for Museveni to stay in Power until he dies.

  2. Mr Minister that is the Way also train to be Good Citizens to desist Corrupt activities

    1. Charles you must be a ware that the candid role of the RDCs is to monitor Government programmes at the District, they also head the District Security Committee as Peace is a very vital ingredient in development. These RDCs are also mandated by the National NGO policy to chair District NGO monitoring Board. Looking at the lay out of both public and private workers country wide you will realize that they are drawn from different political affiliations, therefore your comment portraying NRM as a corrupt Party is misconceived and irrational in every sense sir

  3. Much as capacity building is healthy for any person, In line with their roles there is need to conduct a research on the capacity gaps on these RDCs otherwise we will waste resources on irrelevant trainings.

  4. Mr Minister you just train all Ugandans those military skill because any body who is eligible can become an RDC as long as you say NRM paka last.

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