Rotting Bodies, Skeletons In Nigeria ‘House of Horror’

File photo shows two Nigerian policemen.
File photo shows two Nigerian policemen.

Nigerian police has launched a murder investigation following the discovery of decaying corpses and skeletons in an isolated building dubbed by media “House of Horror.”

On Sunday, police said they rescued several extremely malnourished people who were wandering near the building in the bush in the Nigerian southwestern city of Ibadan, the capital of the Oyo state and the third largest city in the country.

Some victims were also found inside the house as they were shackled in leg-chains.

The ghastly discovery came after motorcycle taxi riders said some of their members had been lost and were thought to have been abducted.

“When we got to the abandoned building in the Soka community of Ibadan yesterday (Saturday), we saw decomposed corpses, skeletons and skulls in the building and surrounding bushes,” said Oyo state police spokeswoman Olabisi Ilobanafor.

“Some seven malnourished human beings looking like living skeletons were also rescued in the bushes surrounding the building. One of them died on the spot while we were there,” she added.

Ilobanafor said a number of suspects were arrested at the scene and that police opened a murder probe into the shocking case.

“It is not a common occurrence in Ibadan or in the state. The police will investigate this crime in all its ramifications,” she noted.

Sunday Tribune, an Ibadan-based newspaper, showed horrid images of rotting bodies, human skulls and other body organ littering the scene. It also published a photograph of a woman allegedly kidnapped in the southern Edo state in 2008 and rescued now at the “House of Horror”.

According to the newspaper, at least one skeletal-looking man was found as he was moaning in pain with flies hovering around his face.

Other media reports said at least 15 were found in leg-chains inside the house.

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