Rtd Arch-Bishop Nkoyoyo Summoned Over Drowned 9-yr-old Child

Rtd Arch-Bishop of Church of Uganda Mpalanyi Nkoyoyo
Rtd Arch-Bishop of Church of Uganda Mpalanyi Nkoyoyo

The High Court in Kampala on Monday summoned Rtd Arch-Bishop of Church of Uganda Mpalanyi Nkoyoyo in connection to the 9-year old child who drowned in a swimming pool at Rest Gardens Ltd where he is one of the directors.

The Rtd Arch Bishop was sued by a couple (Umaru Mazinga and Suzan Nantogo), who claim to be the parents of deceased child (Hassan Nantegolola).

According to the court summons dated March, 24, the Rtd Arch Bishop is required to file in his defense within 15 days from today

Also sued are Ruth Nkoyoyo, and Isaac Nkoyoyo.

The couple is now seeking for Shs261 million as compensation for loss of their child as a result of negligence by their swimming pool attendants.

According to court records, it shows that on the fateful day of August 28, 2013, the deceased escaped from his parents’ home located in Bweyogerere, a Kampala suburb before accessing the swimming pool of Rest Gardens located in Kireku Zone, Bweyogerere to swim.

The records further show that the child was allowed to access the swimming pool by one attendant called Hannington Ssevvume upon payment of a charge fee of Shs3000.

The 9-year old and a former pupil at Suubi Nursery and Primary School, allegedly swum unattended to and drowned in the process, a move the parents claims was contrary to the standard practice of allowing minors to swim.

The couple in their law suit also contends that the administration of Rest Gardens Ltd denied knowledge of the unfortunate incident in spite of several inquiries and demands by the police about what had happened to their child.

They claim that it was until the police conducted a search and found their child’s shoes and short that he had worn on that fateful day, that is when accepted responsibility that the child had indeed drowned from there.

The couple that says refused the compensation contribution of Shs2 million from the defendants towards the burial expenses of their child, state in their suit that the defendants owed their child a duty of care having charged him Shs3000 to ensure that he was safe while he swum.

Court will fix a hearing date after the Rtd Arch Bishop and other defendants file in their response as directed by court.

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