Soroti Acid Attack Victim Dead

Dorothy Atim, the 30-year-old woman from Soroti district who suffered acid attack last year, has died at Mulago Hospital.

Dorothy Atim after being burnt by acid while in Mulago. She lost one ear and her sight.
Dorothy Atim after being burnt by acid while in Mulago. She lost one ear and her sight.

Atim, who until the attack allegedly by his estranged lover, was working as a sales representative with Etop, a vernacular newspaper in Soroti owned by the Vision Group.

Atim passed away at about 6:30pm on Friday Ward 2C where she was admitted after the attack on September 8, 2013.

The attack disfigured Atim’s body and left her blind. When we visited her Mulago Hospital Intensive Care Unit in December last year, she had lost one ear and her sight.

Andrew Francis Obirai, the man suspected to have carried out the attack, handed himself in to police in Soroti district in October 2013. He is still on remand at Soroti Government Prison after being charged with attempted murder before Grade Two magistrate John Michael Apedu.

Andrew Francis Obirai former boy friend to Atim Dorothy
Andrew Francis Obirai former boy friend to Atim Dorothy

Obirai re-appeared at the Chief magistrate’s court on Thursday but his lawyer was not present in court and the case was adjourned to March 13th.

Frank Mugabi, the New Vision sales supervisor Eastern Region, says the death of Dorothy Atim is a big loss to the organisation. Mugabi described Atim as a dedicated sales team member, very good performer, friendly, jolly and calm.

At the time of filing this report, the body was still lying at Mulago Mortuary.
Atim’s mother Florence Ilaborot says the body will today afternoon leave for Soroti district and prayers will be held at St. Peter’s Cathedral on Sunday afternoon.

She will be laid to rest on Monday at her father’s home in Adacar Parish, Katakwi district. She leaves behind one child.

9 thoughts on “Soroti Acid Attack Victim Dead

  1. So sad,what a loss! May the Almighty keep Dorothy’s soul in the ever lasting peace.

  2. Since acid is now a weapon. How about we strongly limit the importation of acid to one or two companies that must register every buyer and what quanties they take and for what purpose.

    1. Becky your right in every sense, registering buyers instill some control mechanism and therefore it is easy to control acid attackers

  3. its
    a pitty bambi. May her soul RIP.

    Plz if u feel u r nolonger compatible
    with ur partner, better u accept, forgive and try to let it go without
    harming her/him. there is always life after a breakup. A HERO is 1 hu
    can control his/her anger.

  4. Becky, your reasoning is good but it would not stop an attacker from using the acid for wrong purposes, mere registration in terms of the buyer and in terms of quantities/ purpose cannot stop the user from abusing it. The govt should use harsh punishments for those who buy acid to harm others. Death penalty can serve this purpose

  5. Commenting on the news about the demise of Dorothy Atim, one prominent Lc5 boss in the region said “i condemn the act, but i also blame the conduct of the girl” sure more debate might yet be under way.

  6. What a painful death! What do you gain by killing a fellow human being more so a girl friend with whom you have shared a lot. Government should provide measures on acid handling in the country sincerely.

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