Soroti Councilor,Speaker Fight

Soroti Municipal council chambers was a scene of drama on Friday after Geoffrey Oumo, the councilor Madera ward roughed up the speaker.


It all started after the speaker Honorat Okello ordered the sergeant at arms to kick Oumo out of council for two consecutive sittings for alleged misconduct.

On hearing the directive Oumo charged towards the speakers and grabbed him by the neck demanding to know why he was being kicked out.

The meeting came to a standstill as councilors and civil servants struggled to calm down the situation before security was called in to restore order.

Okello told our reporter that Oumo grabbed him by his garments in annoyance when he ordered his eviction from the council for alleged misconduct but he was rescued by the other councilors.

He explains that he was forced to suspend Oumo for two consecutive council sittings following his poor conduct during the council meeting.

Okello explained that Oumo had showed disrespect to the office of the speaker on several occasions despite repeated warning.

Twelve councilors stormed out of council to protest the expulsion of Oumo from council. Soroti Municipal council is comprised of 24 councilors.

Oumo on his part believes that he was kicked out of council for fear that he would raise the issue of the mismanagement of over 100 million shillings.

Oumo who also doubles as chairperson finance committee alleges that he had investigated and discovered that the speaker connived with civil servants to share the 100 million shillings meant for the construction of a road in Kichinjaji ward in Northern Division in Soroti Municipality last financial year.

Alfred Aruo, the Mayor Soroti Municipality denies the alleged mismanagement of the road fund saying the money is available. Aruo advised Oumo to report the matter to the Inspectorate of Government for investigations.

Alex Oriokot Soroti Municipal Engineer declined to comment over the alleged diversion of the road funds saying as a civil servant he didn’t wants to get involved in clashes between politicians.

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