Wife Killer Jailed For 25 Years

Soroti High Court on Thursday sentenced a 35 year old man to 25 years imprisonment for hacking his wife Esther Ameso to death.
Juventine Emaju (35), a resident of Abia village Awaliwali parish in Gweri sub-county Soroti district allegedly committed the offence on 1st June 2013.

The resident Judge for Soroti High Court, Lady Justice Henrietta H. Wolayo concluded and passed judgments for nine capital cases that have been before her.

According to Court Obedi readily admitted committing the offence thus attracting leniency by court.

Contrary to section 188 & 189 of the penal code act court said that since the accused committed after malice aforethought court preferred to give him appropriate sentence.

Court noted that because the accused pleaded guilty as mitigating factor appropriate sentence of 25 years was given and since he has been on remand from 1st June 2012 court would reduce the remand period that means the accused will serve the remaining 23 years in prison.

Emaju killed his wife in the presence of their daughter Ketty Amelen at around 11:00pm before attempting to flee the scene of the crime. to wake up.

The statement in the charge sheet indicated that the couple had a prolonged family wrangles that were known to both parents and neighbours.

Charles Enamu (33), another murder convict was also given 25 years imprisonment for killing his brother who he waylaid as he returned from herding his cattle in the evening.

Enamu reportedly had misunderstanding with his brother. Both brothers had reportedly sworn to harm the other.

After killing his brother, Enamu attempted to conceal his crime by burying his brother in a shallow grave in a garden.  The body was discovered by concerned neighbours.

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