African Music Maestro, Kofi Shakes Lugogo With Masterly Performance

The show was well attended
The show was well attended

On Friday evening, African music maestro, Kofi Olomide shook Lugogo Cricket Oval with an electrifying performance during a concert organised by the Rotary Club to help raise funds for Uganda’s blood bank.

The Democratic Republic of Congo star whose music once ruled Ugandan airwaves before Uganda’s ‘kidandali’ emerged, took the huge crowd that turned up for the show down memory lane with his well crafted songs supported by sexy queen dancers whose gyrating dance moves threatened to raise temperatures among many of the fans.

Mopao Mokonzi as he is known by most of his ardent fans, Kofi made his way to the stage at 10pm  and unleashed what he has been doing best for the last 36 years- entertain.

Prior to the show, there were questions about the attendance considering the fact most Uganda’s concert-attending generation is one that has been raised under the Kidandali regime.

Kofi Olomide
Kofi Olomide

That notwithstanding,  the concert was well attended, and surprisingly with a somewhat big youthful audience who sang along most of the maestro’s songs.

Songs like, Loi, Effrakata and sylvie got the crowd worked up and jigging. During his performance, Kofi was prompted to invite fans on stage to join his experienced queen dancers together with his male back up singers.

“Isn’t there anyone in Uganda who can dance ndombolo?”, Kofi challenged the crowd to which some of the fans took the stage much to the excitement of the crowd who included Uganda’s Vice President, Edward Ssekandi.

At 11:30pm, it was clear Kofi Olomide’s show was nearing it’s end after he started pleading with the crowd to let him leave since he had a flight to catch at 2am to Nairobi in neighboring Kenya.

Despite his pleas, the crowd who were in ‘Oliver Twist’ mode kept on raising their hands and asking for “one more”.

At 11:39pm, the king of soukous exited the stage after a thunderous performance.

The other acts of the night included; Grace Nakimera, Jamal who curtain-raised for Kofi Olomide.

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