Buganda MPs Upbeat Over ‘Ebyaffe’ Return

President Museveni handing over to Buganda Kingdom 213 verified titles of properties confiscated by Government in 1967, State House Entebbe
President Museveni handing over to Buganda Kingdom 213 verified titles of properties confiscated by Government in 1967, State House Entebbe

Members of Parliament from Buganda have commended Central government for returning to Buganda kingdom at least 213 land tittles of properties that had been confiscated over 40 years ago.

This after President Museveni returned the titles for both Sub County and county land as part of the memorandum of Understanding signed between the Central Government and Mengo last year.

Godfrey Kiwanda Ssuubi, the Buganda Parliamentary Caucus Chairman also paid tribute to Buganda legislators and subjects for the resilience exhibited in demanding the return of Buganda Properties. Kiwanda also called for unity 8in demanding for what still remains in governments possession.

Sylvia Namabidde, the Mityana District Member of Parliament noted that the return of the 213 land titles to Mengo exhibits a flourishing relationship between the centre and the kingdom.

She noted that the challenge to leaders in the central region is to see that they continue encouraging people to uphold the togetherness currently witnessed between the two entities.

Kampala Central MP Muhammed Nsereko expressed gratitude at all persons who have ensured the assets are returned citing that the President has passed an important test of returning the assets and congratulated him upon this achievement.

He also reechoed an appeal for the return of the remaining properties.

3 thoughts on “Buganda MPs Upbeat Over ‘Ebyaffe’ Return

  1. What does this mean for the people occupying some of that land, especially the non baganda?

  2. How did they get it !?? The fact is the land lord has changed,period !,that is the fact,now you need to craft a relationship with the land lord,make sure you did not use the “short cut” to attempt owning it before,make sure you know what is “crown land” and “Milo-land” that knowledge will help you and provide counsel to you for you to understand your situation then you can carry on from there,tukuii !! hehehehe ogaoo ngoolabye heheheheee.

  3. Become a “Semakokiro” like me or Segawa or some se-someone ,buy the Buganda certificate that is on sale,accept that you are a “Muganda Geregere” as your descendants will slowly metamorphose to become “Baganda Wau” and slowly you could be accepted as a clan and given a totem may be one of the new fish breeds introduced by the Fisheries Institute and then you win Buganda football marches,man life is what you make! stop being rigid, slowly may be then, we can breed them out since they are very few original ones as most of them even prominent ones resemble my late uncles, then in future we can have “Obamarization” of Kabakaship like Sabasaja Okello,or Odong,if the Americans could do it yes we can !! then may be sh*t will be fine. heheheheheee

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