Court Drops Incitement Charges Against Besigye, Lukwago

Dr Besigye (L) and  Kampala city Mayor Erias Lukwago
Dr Besigye (L) and Kampala city Mayor Erias Lukwago

Buganda Road Court has today dropped charges of inciting violence against former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) leader Dr. Kizza Besigye and 14 others after the state lost interest in the case.

They had been accused of making statements that were aimed at inciting violence when they stormed the heavily populated Kisekka market in Kampala ahead of the visit by Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago in June last year.

Grade One Magistrate Alaari Muhirwa today dropped the charges on grounds that no single witness had been lined up by the prosecution to testify against the group since the matter was first presented to court, ten months ago.

The other suspects are Fred Kato (Besigye’s driver), Sam Mugumya (Besigye’s aide), Sylvester Aliganyira, Joseph Musisi, Ivan Sekamate, Sulaiman Ndiwalana and Patrick Amanyire. Others
include Brian Kasawuli, Ali Isingoma, Abubakari Kauma, Jackson Sebuliba, Swaibu Mujuzi, Sunday Senabulya and Musa Mugala.

Prosecution had alleged that on June 20, 2013, at various places within Kampala, Besigye and 14 others made statements calculated to incite violence against the public.

5 thoughts on “Court Drops Incitement Charges Against Besigye, Lukwago

  1. government lawyers should leave Legal stuff to Real Lawyers.
    We’re waiting for the Lord Mayor’s case… when judges shall be slicing and chopping Mr Nyombi’s tail.

  2. Following common sense all cases government holds on Dr. Kiiza Besigye,Lukwago and others are fake and no meaningless instead these are intimidation amplified by museveni.

  3. Dropping the charges is not good enough,let the individuals who brought the case be prosecuted to serve as a learning point to the rest.

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