Desh Kananura Acquires Rolls Royce Phantom

Car dealer and Panamera bar Proprietor Desh Kananura is rumored to have acquired  a Rolls Royce Phantom 2013 model which is one of the most expensive and luxurious cars in the world.

desh car

Yesterday evening, Desh Posted a picture of his newly ‘acquired’ Rolls Royce and supplemented it with these words “I always said when I grow up”

2013 Rolls-Royce Phantom Review

It’s hard to envision an automobile more extravagant than the 2013 Rolls-Royce Phantom. When it comes to spare-no-expense production vehicles, this massive British luxury car ranks among the world’s elite.

Perched on top of the global automotive pyramid, Rolls-Royce vehicles are exclusive to begin with, and the Phantom is the brand’s costliest.

At $450,000 (Ugsh1.17bn) and up, these vehicles are nearly twice the median price of a new home.

Rolls Royce at Desh's home
Rolls Royce at Desh’s home

The Phantom was introduced in 2003 and has been revised for 2013 with sleeker looks, more technology and a new name: The Phantom Series II.

The handmade vehicle is available as a 4- or 5-seat sedan, a 4-seat coupe and a 4-seat convertible. For those who want to travel even larger, there is the Extended Wheelbase version of the sedan.

Desh Kananura
Desh Kananura

7 thoughts on “Desh Kananura Acquires Rolls Royce Phantom

  1. So what? Why promote this material world? I’m more interested in the Katerega case. Alternatively, it would have made more sense if the headline read, “Desh builds community hospital”.

  2. Was this man acquitted of murder or is he being protected on orders from “above”? He killed one of his employees whom he acused of stealing UGX30,000 (US$12.00).

  3. wat about the murder case!! shame on Uganda system its rotten,now the murder he is crusing in Rolls Royce and Katerega he is in Grave,Uganda is real Banana republic.

  4. with that kind of money, the munder case will never come anything, the prosecutor, police are watching, da price to kill the has gone high

  5. Damn !!, dude u’re way of topic. I was taken aback when I saw dr infront of your name, but the I quickly remembered that even the kadongokamu singer Fred Sebaale goes by dr Fred sebaale. So the dr is probably there for swag. Any way back to your point…No one here is trying to put Mr Desh down at all and no one has indicated that his new automobile is cheap. U shd take your time to read thru things, understand them, then finally digest them, before u reply directly to anyone, otherwise u’ll end up being the only unworkable tool in the toolbox. For so many years, we as Ugandans have been inundated with lies and inflated prices of products , which has kept us in the dark thinking that those products are out of our financial reach, but thanx to the internet, the truth is now in the pudding. Mind u, buying a Rolls Royce is not a reflection of hard work at all, there are many unethical ways through which people have acquired more expensive things. I hope u don’t misquote me as saying that Desh is not a hard working man, Am only trying to put things into perspective so that u get what every one commenting here is trying to put across

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