Fagil Mandy Steps Down As UNEB Chairman

Fagil Mandy.
Fagil Mandy.

Fagil Mandy, the Chairman of the Uganda National Examinations Board has resigned.

His resignation comes days after Ugandan president, Yoweri Museveni renewed the contract of the body’s Secretary, Mathew Bukenya.

The controversial educationist has been UNEB chairman since July 2012.

His reign at the education body has been marred by unease and friction with Mathew Bukenya.

Two days ago, Mathew Bukenya was accorded members of the National Police to protect him at the body’s Ntinda offices when he learnt that Fagil Mandy was planning to evict the former from office forcefully.

Last month, the country’s Inspector General of Government, Ms Irene Mulyagonja in a report, ordered UNEB to conduct fresh interviews for its executive secretary, saying the earlier process was interfered with.

She also accused Fagil Mandy of interfering with the recruitment of the executive secretary.


7 thoughts on “Fagil Mandy Steps Down As UNEB Chairman

  1. Good news!! all these ” OFF LAYERS” right from M7 and his bunch of Mafias in NRM must step down to pave way for our youths into employment, FG&MYC.

  2. But surely Mr. President, for how long are you going to interfere in ALL BUSINESS/AFFAIRS which can WELL BE HANDLED BY THE RESPECTIVE OFFICER YOU APPOINTED? It appears if one informed you of ANY THING, you do not think twice, rather you act even if it was a mistake and 100% wrong!

  3. It is rare for a member of NRM to resign. Fagil is a special one. What kind of fire was he facing?

  4. Though i stopped liking Mr. Mandy right from the days when he was RDC Tororo, he has shown maturity which is lacking with Government officials, ministers inclusive even if there is glaring evidence of misuse of public funds. Resigning is not in their vocabulary.

  5. Uganda’s Leaders under the Government of President Museveni are confused and trying their last card which not master card which has forced many to behave badly in Public through bribing the citizens with the Tax Payers money to gain some supporters in office in vain.

  6. The resignation for Fagil Mandy is a bright idea and a mature decision for any elite.He is reputed to be a great Ugandan educationalist and i remember him blocking according honorary doctorate degree to slain Col Muammar Gaddafi while still at Makerere university.Well facts remain facts as Fagil couldn’t cope up with a new breed of young educalists in the dot com era.His decision making when it comes to management are so radical in a sense that he can not adjust according to human social behavioural approaches.He still believed to be the only think pad for the entire UNEB team which ideally isnt true.Bukenya took over the office in 1996 when i was in Primary seven and alot has been drastically changed and modified for the best;however there are some set backs like rampart examination malpractices,biased selection of UNEB examiners from only dominant schools yet this process should atleast be rotational regionally.Well facilitation could be minimal but again UNEb has failed to establish income generating activities to enable it penetrate the challenges it faces other than entirely depending on government.Fagil now should concentrate on his education consultancy firm in partnership with government under ministry of education and sports and continue serving the country since it’s his love for the country.I know he can serve better outside UNEB and then have his ideologies embraced overwhelmingly.

  7. Someone out there try to find out why Mr. Bukenya does not want to leave, and WHY Fagil has resigned!!! In many instances, The President is misinformed and acts after hearing only one side of the story! 17 years of service after official retirement is more than enough for one not to accept smooth departure. Could there be some internal blunders Bukenya fears might be unearthed if he left now? IGG’ s findings depended on who was interrogated. Did they reach all Uneb officers for example?

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