Farouk: What Crime Did I Commit To Love Zari

Farouk Sempala, the city hunk who snatched the city socialite Zari Hassan from the South African based tycoon Ivan Ssemwaga has said that he did not commit any crime by loving Zari.


Over the weekend, Farouk Sempala posted on social media the pictures of Zari and him while shopping and romancing.

He supplemented the pictures with these words “Kaabi chi Bwetweyagala???” literally meaning that is there any problem if we love each other??


Last month, Zari left their marital home in South Africa amd moved on with her destiny Farouk Sempala.

The departure of Zari left Ivan Ssemwanga restless and he found solace in club strippers.



13 thoughts on “Farouk: What Crime Did I Commit To Love Zari

  1. The only crime u’re doing now is keeping your private life in the public domain. Shut up , go home, lock the door , enjoy your woman…………we don’t wanna know

  2. Haa naye olabye musajja wattu that woman is going to leave someday just like she left Ivan. You look to be in love but just know your pain in the heart the one Ivan went through is coming your way, she is a Player. You are posting so much and she is just enjoying your crazy love for her, the last pic Shows how she is so shy to been seen with you on the open media or netz, why could nt she look in the camera too? Body language dear tells that you are wasting your Feelings, kitalo

  3. Wedinire naye nga bwe wamubye ku munno nawe bwebajja okumukubbako, “Enjoy your self [Ssempala] its now your turn but it will hurt you very much when someone else snatches her from you ……………… yeah do not think pain is for Ivan only as u stole her from him is the way they will steal her from you. Tolowooza gwe wekka amulabba obulungi.

  4. Its not all about class or money. What matters most is happiness. I doubt whether Zarie truly loved Ivan. It must have been a money factor. “MONEY CANT BUY LOVE” I have a feeling that much as Ivan had the money, he did not know how to express his love to her. He was always fronting money and this contributed to her continued search for a romantic guy. When you listen to Irene Namubiru’s song “Tebiba Bingi” You will understand her. Guy’s please learn!!!

  5. hey hey….everyone lets get down to the fact which is that Zari is never going to find love in one man, we know that she just uses men for a couple of months for her own attention (front page). just feel for men who fall in that open trap

  6. A woman oba omukazi nebwaba omulungi ngamatta naye nga buli omu akuzanyiramu,
    its waste. You dude Ssempala, toda naawo kwewaana, omwo temukyali kantu its just nothing.

  7. this thug was with us in kibuli, he would hit on ever object that had a skirt, his esteem is so low he sleeps with girls at ymca to feel a sense of masculinity.

    He is not the only one who does Zari, many guys do but they are not toy boys and have some dignity they can’t be paraded like he is.

  8. Zari you’ve got four children with Ivan kikyokyanona?useless woman. your now a slut

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