Former UNLA Commander Col. John Ogole Passes on

Col Ogole with Gen Sejusa in a recent meeting in london
Col Ogole (R) with Gen Sejusa in a recent meeting in london

Col. John Ogole, the former commander of a special mobile brigade that fiercely fought the National Resistance Army (NRA) rebels in the bush has died.

Ogole succumbed to prostate cancer. He had been admitted to Middlesex Hospital in London. He was 70.

He was recently reported to be meeting with renegade general David Sejusa in London and had agreed to work with him to end the ‘oligarchy’ rule in Kampala.

Col Ogole joined the armed services in the mid 1960s and served in various roles that included that of Adjutant, Commanding Officer; Brigade Commander; Deputy Director of Records; and Chief of Personnel in Uganda National Liberation Army [UNLA].

It is said that Ogole, who came to be known as “a brilliant battle technician and chief strategist,” commanded operations that gave NRA fighters a bloody nose, leading to the guerrilla group’s temporary disintegration.

Based on this, Most Ugandans remember Col. Ogole as the Commander of the Special Brigade that flashed Museveni’s NRA guerrillas out of Luwero Triangle.

At the fall of Milton Obote’s government in 1985, he fled to the UK where he has since lived.

5 thoughts on “Former UNLA Commander Col. John Ogole Passes on

  1. RIP brilliant patriot. U sacrificed all for the security of this country in the trenches of Luweero against treasonous NRA and achieved to scatter them. We’ll always live to remember u Commander.

  2. Ogole is burning on the bottom f hell for the atrocities he commited in Luwero against the civilians and he died a war criminal.

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