GAME CHANGER -Kagwirawo Brings Instant Cash To The Busy Bettors

RP: What is Kagwirawo?
IN: Principally it is a new form of sports betting. Sports betting is very popular but current trends leave out some people because of the limitations in the market. So we thought of a solution to some of the issues people who bet face by helping them bet in the comfort of their homes, offices, anywhere, anytime even at a funeral, church or at the diner.

Innocent Nahabwe.
Innocent Nahabwe.

RP: When my bet wins, how do I pick my money?
IN: Kagwirawo is about instant bet, instant cash. When the game ends you are paid instantly through mobile money on your phone.

RP: Are people free to place bets across all networks?
IN: For the start it is restricted on MTN and most people are on MTN but the solution can work across networks.

RP: Are there other sports you are betting on apart from football?
IN: we are betting on all sports including volleyball, football basketball and of course football. We offer bets on anything that is bettable from games, to children of celebrities, and for the football we are looking at all European leagues, South America, Brazil, and of course with the target being the World Cup.

RP: How does kagwirawo work?
IN: By just using any phones, dial *289*1# and follow the instructions. It is up to you to choose what you want to bet on. Although the minimum bet is four games. So really it is up you to select and place your bet remember what you bet is determined by the Odds or the game you bet on. Multiple bets means better money.

RP: Why should one abandon the traditional betting for Kagwirawo?
IN: We are Unique, You can do it anywhere. We are not limited by location. Imagine someone from Rushere has to inject in transport to Lyantonde to a place a bet, and when they win they have to travel back to get the money, all this is transport cost. The transport money would have been used on predicting another match. At Kagwirawo, there is no Kapapula; you are paid instantly.

RP: What else is good about Kagwirawo
IN: Apart from the best odds, the good news is that when one doesn’t win on a game, that is not the end of life. All entries will be entered into a draw for people to hit a jackpot.

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