Gen Saleh Blasts NRM Mobilizers Over Demands For Facilitation

General Salim Saleh, the Presidential adviser on Military affairs
General Salim Saleh, the Presidential adviser on Military affairs

General Salim Saleh, the presidential adviser on military matters has blasted NRM mobilizers for pestering him for money to solicit votes for Rebecca Nalwanga, the NRM candidate for the Luweero district woman MP by-elections. 

On Tuesday, General Salim Saleh met with Luweero Sub County LC III Chairpersons and NRM mobilisers at N & D Guest House to strategize for the forthcoming Luweero District Woman MP By-elections.

During the meeting, Abdul Nadduli, the NRM chairperson in charge of Buganda region invited Paul Mukungu, the vice chairperson Luweero NRM Entrepreneur’s League to say a word.

Immediately after taking to the floor, Mukungu said he is fed up of attending such meetings where they are only given a mineral water bottle without any facilitation and asked to go look for votes empty handed. He said they need transport facilitation to reach out to voters at the grass root amidst applause from the other officials.

Mukungu said they would only hit the ground once they are facilitated.  He lashed out at top party officials for pocketing every coin without considering the mobilizers sweating on the ground.

However, this didn’t go down well with general Saleh who said it was absurd for people in the party to prioritize voter bribery. General Saleh said he doesn’t care whether or not they lose the by-election, but urged the mobilizers to monitor the implementation of government programs, which he said would win over voters.

He stressed that he is interested in development projects and not voter bribery. General Saleh urged the mobilizers to table their concerns on development through the various leagues. The mobilizers vowed not to campaign for the party candidate unless they are facilitated.  Mukungu said General Saleh is playing with politics, stressing that it requires a lot of money to win an election today.

John Balagadde another mobiliser said he needs money to look for votes for the NRM candidate across Luweero town council.

General Saleh rushed to Luweero on the invitation of Henry Kamya Makumbi, the Resident District Commissioner to try and resolve the dispute over the endorsement of Nalwanga as the official party candidate.

The mobilizers and LC III chairperson are opposed to Nalwanga’s candidature saying she is unpopular amongst the voters, which exposes the party to defeat by the incumbent Brenda Nabukenya.

Electoral Commission has set May 22nd as the date for the Luweero District Woman MP by-elections.

4 thoughts on “Gen Saleh Blasts NRM Mobilizers Over Demands For Facilitation

  1. Everything in the NRM is for hire, a culture that has been cultivated for over 25 years.

  2. General Saleh rushed to Luweero on learning that NRM candidate for the by-election was weak. Hmmmmmmmmm. General Saleh knows that voter bribery has sustained our NRM. I am sure he did something. Uganda oyeeeeee!

  3. NRM has monetised politics. That is why one even sells his house to contest and if he loses, hell breaks loose

  4. They set the terms and conditioned Ugandans to respond to money, they should not run away from it even if it usually pains to step back into the holes made by your own foot marks!

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