Ivan Ssemwanga Vows To Take Zari Back

South African based Ugandan sangoma Ivan Ssemwanga has vowed to win back the love of his wife Zari who of recent hooked herself a security operative identified as Farouk Sempala.

Zari and Ivan locking lips on Near Year, testament they are back together
Zari and Ivan locking lips on Near Year, testament they are back together

In the past few weeks, Farouk confirmed that he took over Zari and that Ivan is now history.

“We are preparing to legalize our relationship. Ivan is history. He should just move on,” said Farouk.

He further said that; “There is no saint without a past, no sinner without a future. Don’t preach to me about her bad past. Just tell me the good side in her. Am already converted to her.”

Zari and Farouk having a passionate kiss
Zari and Farouk having a passionate kiss

The South African based sangoma, who has now found solace in club strippers, has not taken these words lightly and he has warned Farouk that he must leave the mother of his children.

“In absence of a cat, rats play on the table. 256, any minute am coming,” warned Ivan.

In March this year, Zari dumped Ivan and hooked a security operative Farouk Sempala and since then Ivan has been restless like a cow that is on heat.

3 thoughts on “Ivan Ssemwanga Vows To Take Zari Back

  1. Kiika, naye Ivan Uganda has so many beautiful and well mannered women who could take care of your children, children need a mother

  2. Hahahahahaha, I like this girl Zari. She’s knows exactly what she’s doing and she’s undoubtedly doing it to perfection. When u see her jump from man to man, don’t think she’s some cheap slut, she has got brains and obviously her brains aren’t retarded. Mind u, she’s a business woman and she knows that Ivan is the only man amongst all her toy boys that c’d bankroll her businesses and take her all around the world on trips with no expense spared. It appears to me that by Zari jumping up and down with these other men, she’s only trying to punish Ivan for probably something he has done and they both know about, but it hasn’t leaked into the lime light. Before u know it, Ivan is buying her another sports car, opening up a new boutique for her Blah blah blah. Haven’t u ever wondered why Ivan doesn’t get married off another beautiful babe and just leave Zari to the dogs ???? Meanwhile its these toy boys who suffer anaphylactic shocks in the end, after learning that Zari never loved them in the first place at all.

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