Karuhanga To Petition Parliament Over Justice Kavuma

Western Youth MP Gerald Karuhanga is challenging the re appointment.
Western Youth MP Gerald Karuhanga is challenging the re appointment.

Gerald Karuhanga, Uganda’s Western Youth Member of parliament is to petition the house over Steven Kavuma, the acting chief justice.

According to Karuhanga, his decision to petition parliament stems from the failure by the constitutional court to hear his application challenging the reappointment of Benjamin Odoki as chief justice. In July last year, Karuhanga petitioned the constitutional court challenging the decision by President Yoweri Museveni to reappoint Odoki.

Karuhanga says that the after the constitutional court failed to hear his case in time, he filed a notice of appeal before the Supreme Court and applied for the record of the constitutional court proceedings in vain. He says the constitutional court sent a notice for the hearing of the matter two months after he had filed a notice of appeal before the Supreme Court, which he says say is illegal.

Karuhanga says that the registrar of the constitutional court later said he couldn’t avail the notice of appeal and the records of court proceedings because the documents had disappeared.

The legislator adds that the actions of the court are suspect and that something needs to be done to rescue the third and equally important arm of government. He says it is because of this urgency that he wants to petition parliament over the continued stay of Kavuma in the office of both the acting Chief Justice and acting Deputy Chief Justice.

He says this vacuum of leadership in the judiciary is what has caused the mess in the sector which range from delays to hear cases and disappearance of files.

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  1. that’s unprecedented .In my life time and now where have i read that one can appeal where no judgment exists.the only procedure would be a reference requesting the superior court prevail over the Court’s impugned conduct to hear and dispose of the case in the most expedient manner. in other words appeal disputes the findings based on the matter of law,so in this case where’s the judgment being disputed?

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