Killer Father Sentenced To 20 Years

High Court in Iganga on Monday sentenced a 35 year old peasant farmer to 20 years imprisonment after pleading guilty to murder of his five-year-old son.

Prosecution led by Josephine Aryong accused Robert Kafeero of killing his son on 21 October, 2011 in Kagulumu village, Namutumba Sub County, Namutumba district. Kafeero then secretly buried his dead son Jacob Ouma in a bush three miles from their home.

Ouma’s decomposing body was discovered two weeks later by two locals who had gone to dig in the same bush.

Kafeero’s wife Jane Nekesa had reportedly pleaded in vain for him to stop violently beating up their son. Ouma’s death was caused by Kafeero slamming his head into a wall several times.

Justice Jane Elizabeth Alividza, while passing judgment, condemned Kafeero for acting like a beast.

Alividza said the harsh sentence was to deter other potential offenders who mete their anger on helpless victims, especially in family situations.

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