Luweero MPs Postpone Campaign to Market M7 Candidature

Abraham Byandala during the interview
Abraham Byandala during the interview

National Resistance Movement (NRM) legislators in Luweero district have postponed the campaign to promote the resolution to front president Yoweri Museveni as the sole party candidate citing the feud over the Luweero District woman MP by-elections. 

NRM supporters and mobilisers in Luweero district are split over the party candidate.
Recently, Professor Elijah Mushemeza, the NRM electoral commission chairperson announced Rebecca Nalwanga as the official party candidate, drawing angry reactions from some party officials and supporters.

Now, Abraham Byandala, the Katikamu North MP who also doubles as the works minister says as NRM legislators they have been compelled to postpone the campaign to market Museveni until the party resolves the dispute on the party candidate.

He says they are still suspicious about the potential of Rebecca Nalwanga to win the polls because Local council III chairpersons and NRM mobilisers are opposed to her endorsement.

10 out of the 13 Local council III chairpersons in the district have openly refused to campaign for Nalwanga claiming that she is not marketable.

The LC III chairpersons have petitioned President Yoweri Museveni in his capacity as to intervene and cause primary elections despite that, the professor Elijah Mushemeza announced that there would be no polls.

3 thoughts on “Luweero MPs Postpone Campaign to Market M7 Candidature

  1. Though NRM party is trying to sell the Kyankwanzi resolution, by having President Museveni contesting alone in primary eletions of choosing NRM presidential candidate , they shd think also seriously about primary elctions for MPs and other local office bearers ,bcz the way they are handled is likely to bring more confusion to the party and then affect such resolutions.

  2. You mean all the NRM members are empty headed? Until the president comes, nothing can work. The day you hear that Museveni has left the presidency, NRM will collapse in a heap!

  3. Museveni must know that Saul was the First King approved by God but because he misbehaved was rejected and thrown into the public place for the Israelite to see and laugh.Museveni cannot go to God now and say sorry because he is arrogant,pagan and selfish thinking that Uganda is his forever If Museveni was inspired by the Holy Spirit would lookfor me and show him what it means to repent and become friendly to God again but because he is so much fooled around that he has soldiers of Salim Sale,Kainerugaba and the UPDF that Uganda shall be in his hands forever.Museveni whereis Amini,Where is Obote Where is UPC and what is going to be of NRM when justice,fairness and equity Shall come IN Uganda.

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