M7: National IDs Will Curb Vote Rigging

President Museveni said the National ID will make fraud and impersonation impossible.
President Museveni said the National ID will make fraud and impersonation impossible.

Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni has said that the National Identity will enable the country to fight rigging of elections.

President made this revelation on Sunday while addressing the nation on the importance of the National ID.

Mass registration begins Monday to enable citizens acquire National IDs and the exercise will go on for four months.

“With the National ID, it will be impossible to rig elections, there will be no multiple voting” President Museveni said.

Uganda’s Electoral commission has come under harsh criticism in the past for it’s inefficiencies that have allowed voting malpractice to prevail.

However, the president scoffed at critics who claim that his election was rigged saying “If we wanted to rig elections we wouldn’t bring machines that make cheating impossible”

He added saying that the National ID will make fraud and impersonation impossible.

To those who have doubts about the success of the project, the president drew comparisons with the Immunisation program that was hugely successful.

Gen. Aronda Nyakairima, Uganda's Internal Affairs Minister
Gen. Aronda Nyakairima, Uganda’s Internal Affairs Minister

The president heaped praise on the country’s Internal Affairs Minister, General Aronda Nyakairima who he thanked for making sure that citizens register.

“I would like to thank Gen. Arounda for making sure that Ugandans will tomorrow register for National IDs” president Museveni said.

The government of Uganda has approved $55.6m (Ush 138.583b) supplementary budget for the ope rationalization of the National Identity Cards project.

“Government made a decision in the course of the financial year to implement the Identity Card project and was duly approved by cabinet. The money will be given to the National Citizenship and Immigration Control department to work on the project,” Uganda’s Information Minister Rose Namayanja told the media at the time.

Internal Affairs Minister Gen. Aronda Nyakairima while launching the exercise late last year said it will be divided into two phases. The first phase will include the registration of all citizens aged 16 and above.

The second phase will have all citizens below 16 years registered.

Security agencies like Police, Army, Prisons, ISO and ESO will assist in the work as well as Uganda Bureau of Statistics, Uganda Registration Services Bureau, Citizenship and Immigrations Board, Uganda Revenue Authority, Electoral Commission and the National Information Technology Authority.

10 thoughts on “M7: National IDs Will Curb Vote Rigging

  1. After 28 years in power is when he sees the importance of a ID, Shame on Ugandans and there leaders.

  2. When the first citizen can’t properly analyse issues to find the correction solutions, then you know the country is trouble.

    How will this ID stop ballot stuffing, voter intimidation by security agencies, voter bribes, Gen. Sejusa’s tallying centre relaying NRM results to the gullible Badru’s NRM commission, etc. Can you tell us Mr. President?

  3. This c’d actually just enhance vote rigging by twofold. In the past we’ve been inundated with news of blatant vote rigging even when those rigging are well known and doing it overtly. Imagine a situation where about 10 cards bearing the same picture but with different details, have been issued to an individual, this individual will be able to vote 10 times with no questions asked. Infact the old system though a bit rudimental, but it was a bit more rigorous because people were asked to dip a finger in blue ink to act as proof of voting. With the new ID system, we’ll be made to believe that the computer system is better by far hence we’ll remain complacent while we’re being robbed in broad day light by a click of a button.

  4. Who has been benefiting from vote rigging?
    Why then would you eliminate the vise?
    I think is this is a better way of encouraging the vise.
    It will now be a matter of a computer virus in the system and two zeros will added to the total count.

    But if this ID is put to a great use, our health care system will not now be overwhelmed by foreigners seeking the limited resources that we have, only Ugandans will be served in the health facilities.

    1. Mr Patokt you are right ma friend and other questions would be

      -Is issuing of this national ID a vote rigging control?

      -Which party has ever been taken to Kangaroo courts of law in Uganda after the presidential elections between 1996 to date?


    A national Voter ID is surely ONE of MANY necessary ingredients to an open and transparent electoral process.

    However, although one or several forms of IDs including a National ID (as is the practice in many developed countries) are very essential to a voting process, the same instrument, a
    NATIONAL ID card” used alone can also be a double edged sword that can under a corruptible or corrupt issuing authority lead to and be used as an indirect election rigging tool.

    This can intentionally be used to eliminate potential voters, isolation voting groups, prevention of qualified voters, the under-educated, uninformed, illiterates, disabled persons, people out of the range of daily public information flow and distance
    among other logistical constraints.

    These these drawbacks are more profound in a developing country like Uganda and can also be intentionally used to eliminate and isolate potential voters.

    Therefore for anyone to say that ID issuance will be accomplished over a 4 month period is absolutely unrealistic and can in itself be used technically as an election rigging tool strategically denying certain groups of potential voters the opportunity to register using demographic patterns.

    It is common knowledge that a National ID issuing process cannot be efficiently and fully accomplished in a country like Uganda in a duration less than 1 year due to resources limitations, logistics among other things. what about those in the
    Diaspora?? would they be eliminated??

    Therefore it is naive and deceptive to describe, promote and publish the National ID as a “sure proof” means to preventing election rigging.

    One can say that properly issued, a National ID can enhance the electoral process and is just one component of the many items under the necessary need for TRANSPARENT electoral reforms process.

  6. Watching the president on NTV he said that in 1962 he was 18 and he didn’t vote because he didn’t want to cheat, even though the voting age was 21. This makes the president 70, born in 1944. He added that Kategaya was 19, he voted (cheated), and added voted 10 times. Dead men can’t defend themselves. I just wonder if he had to say this about a dead and defenseless man.
    Back to numbers. Officially we know Kategaya was born in 1945, so in 1962 he would be 17, not 19 as M7 tells us. So which numbers are correct? Who was older, M7 or Kategaya? Back to that age thing..sorry. It is M7’s age again giving us sleepless nights.

  7. There are many countries where citizens have IDs but still governments rig elections. The best cure for vote rigging and other election malpractices is have impartial and objective electoral body that have representatives from all parties and other stakeholders. The state organs and agencies like the Executive, Parliament, Judiciary police and army should remain neutral in electoral process. Vote education and civil education are also crucial for free and fair elections. Electoral process starts with voter registration and ends with the final declaration of winners. This process is long and vote rigging can happen at any stage. So have Identity Cards alone is not panacea to vote theft

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