Maddox Scoops Venom Gig

Uganda’s forgotten reggae music star Maddox Ssemanda Ssematimba has scooped a gig to perform at the Kabalagala based Club Venom this Wednesday.


The Nakatude star whose Easter gig at Club Rouge was called off will definitely earn something from the venom gig.

Maddox Sematimba, the once Sweden-based singer who rocked Kampala with Namagembe, Irene and Nakatudde has come a long way ever since he left Sweden and he has been struggling to top the music chats again.

Maddox Sematimba who once turned a Chapatti seller in Nankulabye was in 2010 arrested for failing to pay a debt amounting to 14 million to Manhattan Guest house which is located on Namirembe road.

In 2013 he was rearrested from Nakulabye a Kampala suburb for smoking Marijuana and other toxic substances.

According to pals who are close to Maddox, his love for Waragi sachets is the root cause for his failure to rise up again musically.

With the help of musicians and music promoters, Maddox went back to the studio last year and he recorded a new album titled Naiga.

2 thoughts on “Maddox Scoops Venom Gig

  1. Hope this is a new beginning and will put all the bad past behind him and move on in life.

  2. Please Madox shame the devil do not burry your talent fight hard you are the best raggae artist we have like Seguya said you have many fans.

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