Mugabe Slams Europe’s Homosexual Nonsense

Mugabe, who has been Zimbabwe's ruler since independence, faces EU sanctions
Mugabe, who has been Zimbabwe’s ruler since independence, faces EU sanctions

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has lashed out at Europe’s “homosexual nonsense”, condemning the refusal of its leaders to accept his grip on power.

“The Europe of yesterday is gone, we have a Europe of today which has no principles at all,” the 90-year-old told a crowd of thousands gathered in a Harare stadium to mark 34 years since the country’s independence from Britain.

Mugabe, who has been Zimbabwe’s ruler since independence, faces EU sanctions as a result of his ‘authoritarian rule’. He refused to attend an EU-Africa summit earlier this month after his wife was denied a visa to enter Europe.

“The Europeans will never ever accept a Zanu-PF government in this country,” referring to the political party he dominates.

“What is natural is made unnatural. And what is unnatural they want to say it is natural,” he said in the speech, which lasted an hour and a half.

Mugabe repeated his claims that Europe is trying to force gay rights on Africa.

“[Europe says] if you pass a law that rejects homosexual marriages we will punish you like they are doing to Uganda and us,” he said.

“Let Europe keep their homosexual nonsense there and not cross over with it here.”

Mugabe, who once said gays and lesbians were worse than pigs and dogs, warned Western diplomats in Zimbabwe against preaching gay rights, saying they would be deported.

His election victory last year was rejected by many Western countries amid claims of widespread rigging and intimidation.

A defiant Mugabe has refused to brook any dissent and threatened the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change, saying its plan to lead protests over the deteriorating economy and high unemployment would not be accepted.

“We shall never tolerate acts of violence,” he said.


10 thoughts on “Mugabe Slams Europe’s Homosexual Nonsense

  1. The passage of laws defiling human dignity and human and civil rights; will haunt many African countries for generations to come.The withdrawal of aid is only the beginning. Africans seeking to travel abroad or receive education in western countries , or immigrate; will find the doors closed..Trade with these countries will be severely curtailed. Extensive plans are underway to assure that African countries that enact such Nazi-like perspectives come to regret having done so. Don’t take my word for it. Watch & observe.

    1. Dont you think Africans have the right to have their culture as they see it? What has become human right today i will define it for you Hugh, it is what suits the White man, why did they help anyway? This is the modern slavery if you do not do as i do or say i will withdraw all the help or freedom to e.g travel. Mandela thought his forgiveness and reconciliation would Change a White mans thinking, but he was wrong, and Hugh you can never compare laws in Africa with Nazi like Habits infact even today we have Nazis so dont tell others what to do when they anyway doing it in your own countries

    2. “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and in the end lose his soul?”
      Hugh, do you have a soul at all to protect? If you have any, please do not go after gay money, first class travels, dirty visas and all the nonsense therein.
      Gays are not God. That is why some of us are Pro-God instead of being Pro-Gay. Just watch, we shall survive

  2. But why make a big deal of Mugabe ruling for 34 years? Some kings rule also since they are born so what, the land of the queen have been living this type of shared government since they can even remember and others are subjects to them but no one says a thing? Yes Mugabe he has also the right to believe in his beliefs just like anyone else, to some extent he is right. Yes at his age, still comes words of a wise man just like he took over. If in western countries one at this age is wearing diapers in Africa it is still not the same.

    1. African law makers have time to discuss Homosexuality instead of discussing how to transform Africa into a better world. Imagine all the time spent on non issues when we have people in hospitals, bad roads and poor housing. If these European countries spent time discussing homosexuality I am sure they would not be able to construct these freeways, good hospitals and so on. Let African families work on the moral up bringing of the society and government focus on general development.

  3. A few times I read comments from (Gay website) not because I admire anything from there but just to amuse myself how stupid they are. One of them claimed that homosexuals are by far the most creative people in the world. Can you imagine? Going for another man’s @$#$ makes you creative? this world has turned on its head.

  4. i thanks mugabe so much 4 be african leader lets others learn from him, we sh’d not divert from our cultures coz of influence of money. batter we be uncreative ppls.

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